A Very Convenient Death

When Jeffery Epstein was arrested, and the story reported here about his ‘connection’ with everyone from President Trump, to British Royal princes, I turned to my wife, and said.
“He will never get to trial. They will be too afraid of who he will name. Too many skeletons in cupboards. He will do a deal too, name names for a reduced sentence”.

Now I don’t claim for moment to be the only person who thought of that, but I was not in the least surprised to see on the news that he had ‘committed suicide’ in prison. If you believe that, I am offering Tower Bridge for sale, at a knockdown price. One owner, and hardly used.

If you want to see what happens when you cross the British Royal family, there is no need to go back as far as 1605, and Guy Fawkes. Just remember 1997, and Lady Diana, in a French road tunnel. A ‘car accident’. We don’t have a very efficient Secret Service for nothing. But maybe the British had nothing to do with Epsein? Witnesses that potentially upset the status quo in America rarely get their day in court. Ask Lee Harvey Oswald, or Jack Ruby.

But you can’t, because they are both dead. One shot and killed whilst under arrest, the other ‘died in hospital’.

Epstein made a big mistake. He got involved with the wrong sort of people.


My Take On Gun Violence (Again)

Please read the thoughts of chuq on this issue. An American blogger who is also a gun owner.

In Saner Thought

I have written my thoughts about the debate and the violence around guns….and once again I need to make my thoughts known after a bloody weekend last.

A few of the posts I have written about the gun violence culture we live within…..

Gun Violence–Here We Go Again!


Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Seriously? Again?

Like I said…just a small selection of my thoughts and posts on the subject of gun violence….

After last weekend I feel I need to repeat myself on guns and violence.

I will begin by saying I am pro gun…I have many guns….but I also see the need for some sort of definitive action to try and put the brakes on this spiral of violence that we are living.

Tuesday night panic broke out in NYC because of a motorcycle backfire…..watch the video here….

The mass shootings over the weekend in El Paso and Dayton have…

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Nobody cares: More shootings in America.

The news is reporting another random mass shooting in the USA, this time in El Paso, Texas. Twenty or more injured, and ‘multiple fatalities’.

This made the headlines on the BBC News, as the first story to be featured. To us, it is unthinkable.

As of the 31st of July, 2019, no less than 249 shootings of this nature have been reported, in just seven months. This recent even takes that number to 250.

Today is only the 215th day of the year. So that means shootings have exceeded one per day, by a fair margin.

America is not listening. Americans wants their guns. America is never going to implement gun control.

The 251st shooting is probably only a few days away.

Nobody in America really cares. Or at least not enough. It is always someone else’s gun, never mine. I need my gun.

Because if they genuinely did care, they could stop it.

The world is crying out to Americans, but they refuse to listen.

A choice that is no choice

The two candidates vying to be the next leader of the UK Conservative Party, and by default, the next Prime Minister of Britain, are coming to the end of their campaigns. They are facing tougher than usual questioning, and both are seen to be struggling under the pressure. For US readers, these characters are the equivalent of Republican grandees. Well-educated, previous experience in government, and both suitably smug and complacent.

Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson are competing in a one-horse race to win the prize. That will be voted on only by the members of the UK Conservative Party; around 160,000 people, out of a population of around 67,000,000. I say one-horse race, because Boris Johnson is the out-and-out leader, and expected to win, by everybody. This man seems to be a tousle-haired buffoon. A supporter of the Right in politics, and a bumbling former Mayor of London.

But don’t be fooled by his public persona. He is very intelligent, and knows very well how to play to the ‘mob’.

There is little chance Hunt will beat him, but to me that is of little consequence. They are both the awful descendants of Margaret Thatcher. Supporters of the rich and privileged, big business, and their financial backers. They won’t keep a single promise they are making, whichever one of the evil men wins.

We supposedly have a choice, voted for by their own party members. But for me, it is no choice at all.

They are both as bad as each other. In my world, they would be hanging from lamp-posts.

EU Elections

This Thursday, Britain will be voting in the EU elections, to send more than 70 members to represent our country in the European Parliament.

You might be forgiven for wondering why, as in 2016, we voted as a country to leave the EU. But because the government failed to agree on an exit strategy, we are stuck with the process of sending MEPs to the EU, despite the cost exceeding £110 million. To say this is completely unacceptable, is an understatement. It is nothing less than shameful, at a time when some British people are using Food Banks to survive, and the minimum wage here is insufficient to live on.

For only the second time in my life, I will not be voting. Because failing to vote is the only protest I can make, regarding this disrespect of Democracy, and the overturning of the accepted voting processes in this country.

The only word in my head is ‘SHAME’. Shame on Parliament for disrespecting the vote of the majority. Shame on Theresa May, for sucking up to the EU bigwigs. And shame on the Remain dissidents, who have tried to overturn the democratic process since 2016.

This country is now broken, and bitterly divided. And it is all the fault of those who refused to accept a result they didn’t expect. You are no better than fundamentalists, refusing to accept any idea or belief that you don’t adhere to.

Shame on you all. I am disgusted to live in the same country as you.

Extending The Extension

I have just seen on the midday news that Mrs May has asked to extend the process of leaving the EU until the end of June.

If this is accepted, it will mean that we will have to participate in the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament.
Yes, we will have to spend countless millions organising a huge election to send representatives to an organisation we have already voted to leave.

This is not only lunacy piled on top of nonsense, but financially irresponsible too. There is now no doubt that British politics is broken beyond repair, and it is clear that the so-called ‘voice of the majority’ is only listened to when it makes the decisions that suit those in power.

I honestly never thought I would live to see the day when such blatant betrayal of the process was displayed with no regard for the voters.

Too Young In 2016

I have just been torturing myself by watching a televised debate on the issue of Brexit. Despite being worn out by the sheer scale of this betrayal of democracy, I continue to consume so much information about it, like an addict looking for the next fix.

One issue that kept being raised was that people who were too young to vote in 2016 would have voted to Remain. So now they are old enough to vote, they want a second referendum, so that they can be ‘included’. This nonsense was enough to make me want to smash my head through the living room window, and saw it off on the broken shards. So now we are expected to wait until everyone is 18, before we hold any type of election that they might not agree with once they reach that age? What an imbecilic argument. They of course omitted to mention that many young people over the age of 18 who were eligible to vote in 2016 just didn’t bother to get out of bed, or off the sofa, to do just that. But now they don’t like the result, they want another go.

Does it even occur to them that as they are voting, thousands of under 18s are still not eligible? What of their disappointment and disgust in three years time? Another election, so they too can be included?

In 1959, I was too young to vote against the Conservatives that won. Can I have a re-run of that election please?
I know, that’s a stupid thing to say.

Now do you get it, ‘concerned youngsters’?