Harry: Does anyone really care?

You all know that I detest the royals, and would love to see them cancelled in this country.

Now social media is full of stuff about Prince Harry.

I don’t care if he is upset.

I don’t care if Meghan is upset.

When he left the UK for America, his wife was worth $12 million. Reports here suggest that his father gave him £5 million, plus an annual ‘allowance’. If that is not enough to live on, then they need to rethink their lifestyle.

I could not care less about the moaning of an overprivileged royal, or his wife. Or his brother, and his wife.

I just want all of them to go away. To shut up. To suck on the silver spoons in their mouths, and to realise that we live at a time when nurses are using Food Banks to survive, and their petty arguments do not amount to shit.

They are symbolic of every single thing that is wrong with this country. They need to hide away, and gloat over their funded privilege in private.

While it lasts.

They are redundant, and the worst thing is that they know it.

If you do care, why? Tell me why, I want you to tell me.



  1. theshammuramat

    I would agree with you. I wonder if an analysis has ever been done on how much the British royalty cost the taxpayers and how much they bring in to the national purse? Heredity royalty is an anachronism. Goes back to feudal times. Harry made 20 million dollars for his book so I guess he and Megan are on the money train. I lived in Santa Barbara when I first went to the States. I am very familiar with Montecito where they live. When it isn’t flooding or burning it’s one of the most exclusive and beautiful places to live in the world! Harry comes across as incredibly naive and she is just another version of Kim Kardashian with a royal title.

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    • beetleypete

      They were already wealthy (joint wealth something like $18million) when they moved to America. The money for the book, the interviews, and the Netflix series is just the icing on the cake. She obviously wears the trousers in their relationship, and I have a sneaky feeling that she will divorce him at some stage in the future. Naive is the right world, those Royals have no concept of the ‘real world’, Felicity.
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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  2. chandlerswainreviews

    Pete, as you know I always have my finger on the pulse of popular opinion (Or is that a choke hold on unpopular culture? I forget which.) Anyway, I have it on good authority that the bulk of Americans have neither patience or interest in little Harry and his domestic succubus. I just wanted you to know we’re in perfect harmony with you and since the last time such a fortunate collision of shared opposition to an enemy resulted in a defeat of the Nazi hordes, there is every reason for hope here as well. Carry on the good fight lad.
    Yours in combat, Omar Bradley

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  3. Yetismith

    I felt sorry for the young lad at his mother’s funeral, because no kid should lose its mum so soon and children have no say in which family they are born into. I cannot imagine what it is like to be part of British royalty. I am sure it can be awfully tedious. But…it isn’t as if they have no knowledge of conditions for the mass of humanity that is not entitled. Instead of constantly moaning, why not get involved with something helpful? You feel about them the way I feel about T and his tribe. I want them to go away. Maybe Musk could round them all up and take them somewhere…away.

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  4. Doug

    Well… we Americans seem to care because we love everything to do with Brits in general and their royalty specifically. The pomp and circumstance, the affluence, the smugness, the palace intrigue.. everything you hate about them we love it all It’s all a fairy tale to us. That being said………… not being Brits we certainly do not have a voice on the subject as that technically is your business, in spite of my ancestry being 60% UK. Some ancestor of mine gave up that right of having a voice (and all the wealth and land titles I can only imagine) when he came over here (for all I know, Pete, you could be living on land one of my Viking ancestors laid claim to eons ago, and the pigskin the claim was written on has long vanished.. or turned into breakfast bacon.)
    Yet.. I still understand your pain.
    I’ve never favored professional sports. Never followed our football, baseball, hockey, or basketball. All pro sports players ever did was bitch about not having enough money… and lately football players are trying to feel sorry for themselves when the get clobbered in the head and the effects last forever. Let’s ignore the fact that it’s a contact sport and they made a decision to swap safety at home on the recliner in front of the TV for millions of dollars a year to get their heads banged up and their bodies slammed around.
    What’s that got to do with the royals, you ask?

    Well, no amount of money is EVER going to make them.. especially Harry… happy. Honestly I feel sorry for his upbringing… but him and his wife (who suffers from her own issues) could both use a dose of therapy to get them back into appreciating life and doing positive things.
    As for the royals continuing to be what they are being… not for me to say, old buddy. You’re on your own there. 🙂

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      • Doug

        Oh, I dunno, Pete. I’ve heard that there are a fair number of your countrymen and women who think the royals should go. Perhaps not as many as would affect real change though. I think the takeaway lesson is that the royals are just as human as the rest of us and while you can teach them to walk and talk with an aire, at the end of the day they are just like us. Sadly, it’s a prisoner’s life where one must live and act according to the dictates of tradition, much of it archaic and outdated and greatly symbolic at best. But the lineage keeps the history of Britain alive. Yet when you watch William and Harry growing up one wonders about the human cost to keep all that going. The children of royals never asked to be born into that. Maybe that in itself is the thing to examine. Just my perspective, and you are far more aware of it all than I will ever be. The funny thing about us Americans… we love your royals, but we never want our own royalty over here. That’s one reason we all have guns here. Go figger. :/

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  5. M. L. Kappa

    We got rid of our royals in Greece a long time ago, and I dont think anybody missed them! But what is most pathetic is that people are flocking to buy his book, and reading all the articles. If everyone ignored them, they would soon shut up. And they wouldn’t get all that money to wash their dirty linen in public.

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  6. Heyjude

    I’m thoroughly sick of his whining and we don’t seem to get away from it on the news channels. If his issue is with the media invading his privacy then he is going the wrong way about it, attracting far more media coverage than is necessary and just sucking up to the American celebrity talk shows. Rich, spoiled and entitled. In fact strip him of his title and let him be a true Hollywood A lister. He’s an embarrassment. And although I am not a royalist I do actually feel sorry for his family.

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    • beetleypete

      Thanks, Jude. Unlike you, I couldn’t care less about his family. His uncle Andrew should be in prison for soliciting underage sex, his brother has been having a not very secret affair since marrying Kate, and his father is an adulterer. They are all as bad as each other.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  7. wilfredbooks

    As you know, Pete, I share your revulsion of all things ‘royal’. I fear many people in Britain find the current shenanigans entrancing because it is another soap opera, like Love Island: a way to live vicariously, even if that life is tragic. My disgust is real and palpable! Cheers, Jon

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