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Harry: Does anyone really care?

You all know that I detest the royals, and would love to see them cancelled in this country.

Now social media is full of stuff about Prince Harry.

I don’t care if he is upset.

I don’t care if Meghan is upset.

When he left the UK for America, his wife was worth $12 million. Reports here suggest that his father gave him £5 million, plus an annual ‘allowance’. If that is not enough to live on, then they need to rethink their lifestyle.

I could not care less about the moaning of an overprivileged royal, or his wife. Or his brother, and his wife.

I just want all of them to go away. To shut up. To suck on the silver spoons in their mouths, and to realise that we live at a time when nurses are using Food Banks to survive, and their petty arguments do not amount to shit.

They are symbolic of every single thing that is wrong with this country. They need to hide away, and gloat over their funded privilege in private.

While it lasts.

They are redundant, and the worst thing is that they know it.

If you do care, why? Tell me why, I want you to tell me.