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One I Missed…

I like to think I am aware of most Conspiracy theories. The majority of them are plain crazy, some are just hilarious, and there are even some I actually believe in.

(Kennedy assassination, 9/11 collusion)

But it seems I have missed one. One that is apparently common knowledge to everyone except me.

With rumours surfacing that Michelle Obama will run for President at the next election, the online haters are out in strength. They are promoting the theory that she was born a man, and is actually Transgender. Supporting this, they show many photos that I am unwilling to reproduce here, claiming to show anatomical evidence proving the theory.

However, one of the more ‘neutral’ photos is worth seeing. Is this a well-done photoshop fake? Some think it is, others claim it shows ‘Michael’ many years ago.

As this apparently well known conspiracy theory completely escaped me over the decades, I would be interested to hear from anyone who knows more about it, especially my blogging friends in America. I should add that if this was actually true, it would not concern me in the least. But this online campaign directed at Mrs Obama reflects the ongoing divisions in America today.