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Harry: Does anyone really care?

You all know that I detest the royals, and would love to see them cancelled in this country.

Now social media is full of stuff about Prince Harry.

I don’t care if he is upset.

I don’t care if Meghan is upset.

When he left the UK for America, his wife was worth $12 million. Reports here suggest that his father gave him £5 million, plus an annual ‘allowance’. If that is not enough to live on, then they need to rethink their lifestyle.

I could not care less about the moaning of an overprivileged royal, or his wife. Or his brother, and his wife.

I just want all of them to go away. To shut up. To suck on the silver spoons in their mouths, and to realise that we live at a time when nurses are using Food Banks to survive, and their petty arguments do not amount to shit.

They are symbolic of every single thing that is wrong with this country. They need to hide away, and gloat over their funded privilege in private.

While it lasts.

They are redundant, and the worst thing is that they know it.

If you do care, why? Tell me why, I want you to tell me.


The Cop 27 Con Trick

I saw on the news today that world leaders have gathered in Egypt to try to solve the problem of climate change.

One speaker spoke about Carbon footprints, and emissions from cars and aircraft.

Those world leaders took along big retinues. Security, admin assistants, press officers, and who knows how many others. And talking of Press, the world’s media is in attendance. Reporters from every TV channel and newspaper, camera crews, sound men/women, satellite transmission engineers, and a multitude of assorted technicians to ensure that I can watch what is happening live in Egypt from my front room in Beetley.

They all flew there. More are flying there tomorrow. They all used cars, vans, and trucks to get from the airport. The most important world leaders will undoubtedly have had a motorcade of vehicles, along with Egyptian police vehicles to protect them.

Can they not see the irony? I can.

What about their carbon footprints? What about their aircraft and vehicle emissions? Have they never heard of Zoom calls? Could they not have had this conference without leaving their own countries, face to face over the Internet?

Or perhaps it is only the emissions and carbon footprints of ‘little people’ that matter? God forbid a hard-working family should enjoy a week in the sun once a year, or use their car to visit a relative. Oh no! That will destory the planet.

But when (self) important people want to fly anywhere, and then travel around in numerous vehicles, that’s okay. That’s essential.

Pull the other one, it’s got bells on.

Newsreaders: Not Allowed To Be Human

(This post may have no interest for any readers who are not resident in the UK.)

The BBC has some very good news presenters and journalists on its 24-hour programme BBC News 24. One of my favourites is the lively Martine Croxall, a lady who presents a very human face when reading the news, or appearing on longer news and political presentations.

As far as I am concerned, she is an assest to the BBC, and we could do with more like her, and far fewer of the po-faced, self-important news presenters who think they are the focus of the news, not the stories.

When Boris Johnson announced that he was to run again recently for election to the leadership of the Conservative Party, that was greeted with derison my many journalists, and generated dire warnings from others. So when he announced his withdrawal from the contest at the last minute, that came as a relief to almost everyone in this country.

Including, it would seem, the excellent Martine Croxall. Here is her very human reaction to that news.

However, following her obvious smiles and use of the word ‘gleeful’, complaints flooded in. She was accused of showing bias against Boris Johnson, and breaking the rules of ‘impartiality’ that supposedly exist at the BBC. She was then removed from her job as a newspreader and presenter, and her fate is as yet unknown.

This is worrying to me, as other presenters are blatantly biased and impartial but all of those are still working. Not least the pro-Conservative Fiona Bruce, who uses her role as presenter of the high-profile BBC1 show ‘Question Time’ every week to allow right-wing guests to say anything they like without interruption, then shuts down any argument against them in seconds. Fiona is married to an advertising executive whose company received almost £4,000,000 to advertise Conservative Government Policy.

That’s an easy jigsaw to put into place. A 3 year-old could do it.

Fiona Bruce’s current salary from the BBC is over £409,000 a year. This includes her salary for presenting the TV programme ‘Antiques Roadshow’.
Martine Croxall’s salary was estimated to be around £100,000 a year.

I know who I would sooner watch.

Black Gold: More Greed From Opec

I have just watched on the BBC News that Opec-Plus members have agreed to cut the production of oil by up to two million barrels a day.

At the time of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the barrel price of oil reached a peak of $130, generating massive profits for oil companies, and for the oil-producing nations. Prices for petrol, diesel, and heating oil hit an all-time high, but have slowly been slipping since. Last week, they were down to £93 a barrel, still much higher than in previous years.

So the Opec members have reacted by agreeing to cut production, thereby forcing prices up again, so they can continue to profit from everyone who needs to drive, use heating oil, or face price increases on everything because of increased transport and delivery costs. Some of the countries involved in Opec are among the richest in the world, and include heads of state who are personally rich beyond comprehension.

Following today’s announcement oil increased in price immediately, and the prices of petrol and diesel are set to follow by the end of today.

How much is enough? How much greed must the non-producing countries tolerate? It appears that Opec Plus believes there is never too much profit, never enoough money, and that the countries dependent on oil imports have to tolerate any increase, no matter how huge.

This greed at a time of worldwide austerity and uncertainty is just obscene.

Let’s never forget the countries involved in this, if one day they come to us asking for aid or favours. Here is a list of them.

Algeria, Angola, Congo, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela.

Changing The World

Commie stuff. Yes, that was me!


Did you ever think you would help to change the world?

I did.

I was almost sixteen years old, and reading a lot of books. And I was also watching the news. Lots of things were happening.

*The Prague Spring.
*The Vietnam War.
*Civil Rights Protests at some American universtities.
*Protests at universities in Japan.
*Student protests in Poland.
*Demonstration against the Vietnam war in London.
*Baader-Meinhof terror bombings in Germany.
*Martin Luther King Jnr assassinated in America.
*Student riots and civil unrest in Paris.
*Student demonstrations in Yugoslavia.
*Robert Kennedy assassinated in America.
*State of emergency in Malaya following a Communist insurgency.
*Demonstrations against the military government of Brazil.
*Women’s Liberation protests in America and Britain.
*The ‘Troubles’ begin in Northern Ireland.
*Black Power salutes are seen at the Olympic Games.
*Israel attacks Lebanon.

Yes, a big list, and all in one year. And that is only a selection.

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The Obscenity Of Profit

Fuel prices are at an all-time high in Britain. Many people can no longer afford to use their car for anything but essential travel. Prices are going up in the supermarkets, all blamed on fuel price increases. This coming winter, domestic heating and electricity costs are set to rise to at least one third of the income of people on ‘average salaries’.

This has all been blamed on the war in Ukraine.

Yet that is a blatant lie. A con-trick foisted on the people of this country by the Conservative government, and their rich friends in big business.

The truth is quite simple.

They are milking the poor to feed the rich, and to make them even richer.

The proof is out there, and broadcast on the news media.

‘Energy firm BP has announced profits of almost £7-billion for the second quarter of 2022.’

BP CEO – Bernard Looney is getting an £11.7m bonus during a time 90% of the population is struggling to survive.

So why didn’t the war in Ukraine affect BP profits and the bonus of the CEO?


Is There Still A War In Ukraine?

I know, silly question.

But if you had been watching all the main news channels here for the past week, you might be forgiven for thinking that Ukraine and Russia had called it quits.

Boris Johnson, lies in parliament, resignation, who wants his job. Big news. Bigger than a war that might escalate across Europe, even become a world war?

Well the mainstream media obviously thinks so. Even the Wimbledon tennis and Women’s football took precedence.

Then the former prime minister of Japan was assassinated.

But they had to cut back from that to the ‘Breaking News’ that Keir Starmer was not going to be charged with any breach of lockdown rules.

Ukraine? Nothing. I sat through a few main bulletins hoping to be told what was going on, but all I got were updates on who was going to stand for election as Conservative leader, then some lightweight stuff about heatwaves this weekend, and how good that is for British beach resorts.

So Ukraine is only newsworthy when there is nothing more important to report.

Like increased ice cream sales in Eastbourne, and making sure you wear sun cream.

The Shame Of Britain

News today of an incident at Calais that rightfully shames the current despicable government running this country.

150 Ukrainian refugees escaped from their war-torn country. They spent days heading West, crossing through Poland and Germany into France. Their aim was to seek refuge with members of their families who were already legally resident in Britain.

But the UK Border Force post at Calais refused them entry. They were told to travel to Paris, 300 miles away, and apply for a temporary visa at the British Embassy there.

Heartless, bureaucratic, shameful in the extreme.

Poland has welcomed over 500,000 refugees.
Hungary has welcomed over 140,000 refugees.
Moldova has welcomed 98,000 refugees.
Slovakia has welcomed 73,000 refugees.
Romania has welcomed 52,000 refugees.

Even Russia has allowed in 48,000 refugees to flee the war it started.

And noble Great Britain, that renowned Monarchy and self-professed seat of Democracy will not allow in 150 people who already have somewhere to go when they get here.

How can anyone claim to be ‘Proud to be British’, faced with this international shame?

Putin Rolls The Dice

I like to be the first to admit when I am wrong. I didn’t think that Russia would invade the main part of Ukraine, but now they have.

It seems that Putin is less concerned about any financial repercussions than the many billionaires and millionaires in his country are. And after making a lot of noise about ‘strict sanctions’ last week, those sanctions proved to be rather lukewarm, and ultimately toothless.

This is especially true in the case of Boris Johnson, who made a great deal of the puny sanctions he imposed this week by limiting the activities of three Russian-owned banks in London. Refusing to go after billions of pounds of Russian money invested in property in Britain, he claimed that everyone who owned them was ‘on the electoral register as a UK resident’. This despite the easily-proven fact that most are owned by shell companies fronted by Russian oligarchs and registered in foreign tax havens.

All of this lukewarm response to sanctions must have assured Putin that he was free to do anything he liked, as long as his troops did not cross the border into a NATO-member country. Add to this the constant reports that no western country was prepared to assist Ukraine militarily, other than to supply them with weapons and munitions.

So, the dice has been rolled, and has not yet reached the end of the gaming table.