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The ‘No choice’ Election

Well it looks like we will have a General Election in December. That’s a ‘maybe’, until someone tries to stall it, like they have stalled leaving the EU for over three years.

December the 9th, or December the 12th. It matters not to me, because I have nobody left to vote for.

My usual default vote would be (somewhat reluctantly these days) for the Labour Party.

But now they want a second referendum on the EU, if they win. (Which is unlikely)
At best, they keep talking about a ‘People’s Vote’, just another expression for a second referendum.

So, I cannot possibly vote Labour, as they have ignored the result of the 2016 referendum completely.

Because they didn’t like that result.

I cannot possibly vote for the Conservative Party, because they are just privileged arseholes.
I would sooner bite off my own leg, than ever cast a vote for those insufferable bastards.

Liberal Democrats? Wishy-washy, no-policy losers, who want us to stay in the EU.
My vote is never going to go in their direction.

The Brexit Party? Right-wing, xenophobic Nationalists, one step away from Fascism.
It goes without saying that they can f***k off.

The Greens. All cosy, comfy, and worried about the planet. Hmm…
No. They want to stay in the EU. To hell with the 2016 referendum result.

So, that’s me. Done with politics. Sick to my stomach about so-called ‘Democrats’ who think it is alright to fight against an election result because they didn’t win.
Fed up with elected politicians who ignore the will of the people that voted them in, because it suits their pockets, and their personal ambitions.

Good luck with the election. I will not be participating.

Unless they put ‘None of the above’ on the ballot paper.

EU Elections

This Thursday, Britain will be voting in the EU elections, to send more than 70 members to represent our country in the European Parliament.

You might be forgiven for wondering why, as in 2016, we voted as a country to leave the EU. But because the government failed to agree on an exit strategy, we are stuck with the process of sending MEPs to the EU, despite the cost exceeding £110 million. To say this is completely unacceptable, is an understatement. It is nothing less than shameful, at a time when some British people are using Food Banks to survive, and the minimum wage here is insufficient to live on.

For only the second time in my life, I will not be voting. Because failing to vote is the only protest I can make, regarding this disrespect of Democracy, and the overturning of the accepted voting processes in this country.

The only word in my head is ‘SHAME’. Shame on Parliament for disrespecting the vote of the majority. Shame on Theresa May, for sucking up to the EU bigwigs. And shame on the Remain dissidents, who have tried to overturn the democratic process since 2016.

This country is now broken, and bitterly divided. And it is all the fault of those who refused to accept a result they didn’t expect. You are no better than fundamentalists, refusing to accept any idea or belief that you don’t adhere to.

Shame on you all. I am disgusted to live in the same country as you.

Extending The Extension

I have just seen on the midday news that Mrs May has asked to extend the process of leaving the EU until the end of June.

If this is accepted, it will mean that we will have to participate in the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament.
Yes, we will have to spend countless millions organising a huge election to send representatives to an organisation we have already voted to leave.

This is not only lunacy piled on top of nonsense, but financially irresponsible too. There is now no doubt that British politics is broken beyond repair, and it is clear that the so-called ‘voice of the majority’ is only listened to when it makes the decisions that suit those in power.

I honestly never thought I would live to see the day when such blatant betrayal of the process was displayed with no regard for the voters.

Too Young In 2016

I have just been torturing myself by watching a televised debate on the issue of Brexit. Despite being worn out by the sheer scale of this betrayal of democracy, I continue to consume so much information about it, like an addict looking for the next fix.

One issue that kept being raised was that people who were too young to vote in 2016 would have voted to Remain. So now they are old enough to vote, they want a second referendum, so that they can be ‘included’. This nonsense was enough to make me want to smash my head through the living room window, and saw it off on the broken shards. So now we are expected to wait until everyone is 18, before we hold any type of election that they might not agree with once they reach that age? What an imbecilic argument. They of course omitted to mention that many young people over the age of 18 who were eligible to vote in 2016 just didn’t bother to get out of bed, or off the sofa, to do just that. But now they don’t like the result, they want another go.

Does it even occur to them that as they are voting, thousands of under 18s are still not eligible? What of their disappointment and disgust in three years time? Another election, so they too can be included?

In 1959, I was too young to vote against the Conservatives that won. Can I have a re-run of that election please?
I know, that’s a stupid thing to say.

Now do you get it, ‘concerned youngsters’?

The End of Voting

I have always voted, ever since I was old enough to do so, aged eighteen. I voted in the General Elections, and always in the Local Council elections too. In most of the places I lived, and the one where I live now, my party of choice rarely if ever won, but I carried on voting anyway. If I lived somewhere where there was no candidate that I was enthusiastic about, I voted tactically, to try to reduce the majority of the party I liked the least. I never once failed to vote, not in the forty-seven years I had the opportunity.

When other people told me that they didn’t vote, or had never voted, I would pontificate on the history of the working people’s struggle to gain the vote, along with a mention of the bitter struggle of the Suffragettes, to get that same right for women. I reminded them that people died so that they had the right to vote. If after all that they were still determined not to bother, then I would tell them that I was ashamed of them.

Some people made the claim that it made no difference which party was in power, so that was why they didn’t vote. I was quick to remind them that The National Health system that they enjoyed had only been brought in because of a Labour Government. Had the Conservatives remained in power, it would never have happened. I might also add that laws pertaining to the working week, safety conditions, and rights to holidays and weekends off, were all brought in by Labour Governments. I would assert that it made a great difference which party was in power, especially in Local Councils, who control the distribution of money for things like care of the elderly, education budgets for schools and colleges, and the provision of social housing.

I was a ‘Voting Evangelist’. God forbid anyone in my hearing mentioned that they had no interest in voting.

Then came 2016, and The EU Referendum. I voted to leave the EU, as I have mentioned many times before. To my great surprise, the Leave side won. I spent the next day in quiet contemplation of the power of the ballot box, the will of the majority, and the triumph of a well-managed voting system. But I soon became uneasy. The losers on the Remain side started to make noises about refusing to accept the result. Court cases were brought, and lost, and many leading politicians openly spouted about the fact that they did not really accept the vote was ‘informed’, based on a real knowledge of the issue. In other words, the ‘Plebs’ had won, and they were too stupid to understand the consequences.

To make matters worse, we had a Prime Minister who had been firmly convinced we should stay in the EU, and she was now charged with taking us out. So the machinations began, behind closed doors in Brussels, or other European cities. Two years later, the so-called ‘best deal’ was presented, which amounts to us staying in the EU in all but our name on the paperwork. Mrs May went to Europe, and came back with their deal, already written down in a sealed envelope, presumably. Nobody likes or wants that deal, not even most of her own party. But it is being presented by her as the only deal on the table, and when she was told that it was not the deal the Leave voters wanted when they voted in the referendum, she may just as well have shrugged and said “So what?”, for all she cared.

So after a life time of voting, I can finally see that if I ever vote for something that does not suit those in power, it will be overturned. Not in a bombastic fashion that might actually cause disgruntled workers or revolutionaries to take to the streets, but in a superior, ‘We know better than you’ manner. Slyly showing us, with a knowing smile, that they will get their way, whatever the actual vote might have been.

That’s it then, I’m done with voting. Sorry to the Suffragettes, and everyone else that fought valiant struggles to get the vote for all adults over the age of eighteen. It might have been worth your trouble for a hundred years or so, but now it has become pointless, in this deceptive modern age.

Please feel free to turn in your graves.

Hobson’s Choice

For those of you unfamiliar with this expression, it means ‘no choice at all’. For the historical definition, please click on this link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hobson%27s_choice

In November, the people of America will be making their choice. The two candidates are finally confirmed, and depending on what you read, or who you believe, it will be a close outcome. For those of us across the Atlantic, it seems almost incredible that it has come down to these two people. Are they really the best that a nation of 320,000,000 (est.) can offer?

One one side, the self-publicising, strangely-coiffured Donald Trump. He plays the whole thing as if he is making a spoof documentary about the worst possible candidate for the job. Blatant racism, ridiculous statements, a wife who looks like a terrified android, and stumbling, ranting speeches ending in phrases such as, “I love you all”, or “Let’s make America great again”. Does anyone look at this man and seriously believe that he has one iota of credibility? Apparently so. He is said to have ‘connected with the dispossessed’ in the forgotten areas of that vast country. They should be aware that they will soon be forgotten for good, if he ever gets into the White House. Does admiration for wealth really drive people on the poverty line to vote for this man? It seems that it might. In a country that still believes that anyone can be the president, that statement may well come to haunt them.

Trump’s Democrat opponent, Hilary Clinton, looks likely to become the first woman president of the USA. She is mired in double dealings, and the former machinations of her husband, and others in the Democratic Party. Her reputation is far from good, let’s face it, and if she was up against anyone other than the vile Trump, she might well lose. What do you get, if you choose Hilary instead of Donald? More foreign wars, more CIA/NSA controls, more involvement from big business, more control by foreign money, and the other big players on the world stage. What you won’t get is a better deal for women, the poor, and the underprivileged. Just because Hilary is female, don’t think that will change anything.

So what to do? How should the American voter react, faced with this ‘no choice’ choice? You could decide not to vote. Then whoever wins will have no real mandate from the people to govern. But that won’t matter to them. They won’t care a jot. You could vote for Hilary so you don’t get Trump, that might be the lesser of two evils. She might even be counting on you to do that. If she wins in November, it will not be because people wanted her, but because they couldn’t face life with Trump as president. I have no suggestions. To be honest, if I was an American, I would be thinking about moving.

EU Referendum: The Irish Connection

The panic over the EU referendum continues. This week, the Irish Prime Minister was recruited to throw his hat into the ring, on behalf of the ‘Stay’ campaign. So we have had Obama, Angela Merkel, and The World Bank getting involved. In addition, we have Merchant Banks, and the Canadian head of The Bank of England, all urging the UK to vote to stay in. Then the Irish PM arrives, with the sanction of the British government, to urge all the Irish people in the UK to vote to stay in.

We have over 1,000,000 people in the UK who claim some Irish descent, or are actually Irish passport holders. As well as these individuals, we are also (amazingly) allowing EU citizens resident here (Poles, Lithuanians etc,) to vote in the forthcoming referendum. Ireland wants us to stay in. Of course they do. They can travel a short distance to the UK province of Northern Ireland, and enjoy shopping for much cheaper goods.

These people are essentially ‘foreign nationals’, but they are allowed to vote in our elections. This sums up everything that is unacceptable about the EU, and the laws that govern it. What other country allows outsiders to vote in their elections? Do I have a vote for Sanders in the US elections? Of course not. I am not an American. Can I vote for a moderate government in the Philippines. Not a chance. I am English, not Filipino. Do I even have a vote closer to home, for the Irish parliament? No, because I do not live there. The frustrations attached to this for British voters can only be imagined. We are at the mercy of foreign nationals, with vested interests to protect.

I want to punch my own face in frustration. No other country in the world would allow outsiders to determine their fate in a national election. So why do we allow it?

Because of EU rules.

Is it any wonder that I want to get out of this failed system?

The EU Referendum: Obama speaks

When Barack Obama made his recent visit to the UK, he did all the usual things. There was a cute photo opportunity with the Royal Family, he played some golf in Hertfordshire, and glad-handed David Cameron for the benefit of the cameras. There was also some talk of our ‘special relationship.’ This is something that has never really been clarified, since it was first mentioned by George Bush and Tony Blair, who was then keen to support the war in Iraq.

President Obama then decided to give an ‘exclusive’ TV interview to a reporter. What followed seemed much more like a scripted conversation, allowing the US President to say what was on his mind. And what was on his mind was the forthcoming EU referendum, and the scant chance that the British people might actually vote to leave this failed experiment. He set about telling us, in a forthright manner, that a vote to leave was not acceptable to the USA. We would find ourselves excluded from trade deals, he told us, and America would continue to trade with the EU whilst making sure to leave Britain out in the cold, as punishment for doing what he didn’t agree with.

Personally, I don’t think he could care less. I doubt that anyone in the US cares whether or not we leave the EU, from a farmer in Wisconsin, to the Commander in Chief. I would hazard a guess that many Americans don’t even know what the EU is. Even in the UK, where the issue is supposedly ‘crucial’, many people cannot name more than a few other member states, and understand little of its setup and organisation. And Obama is leaving the presidency anyway, handing over to Ms Clinton, so why should he give a fig? Maybe they have offered him a lucrative job, but I very much doubt that. Perhaps he fears for the ending of the much-vaunted ‘special relationship’? I doubt that too.

He was probably just doing Cameron a favour. Maybe repaying some similar service, or an old debt from the times we have supported his country’s antics around the world. Who knows? He gave the interview, frightened the pants off of many waverers, and said pretty much what Cameron hoped he would say. The truth is, Cameron doesn’t want to be the Prime Minister at the helm if Britain leaves the EU. Just in case…Add to that the fact that he is representing the European business interests of so many pals and cronies, and it was understandable that he felt nervous enough to ask Mr President to step in on his side.

But just what was Mr Obama thinking? Is it really acceptable to tell the citizens of another country how to vote, then throw in a few veiled threats about what will happen if they don’t do as he says? I can only imagine the reaction of voters in the US, if a European leader like Cameron popped over there, had his photo taken with Michelle and the girls, played some golf at Augusta, then told them just who they should vote for in November. He might even be brave enough to throw in some vague threats about what might happen if they didn’t do as he asked, but I doubt it.

The world had high hopes for the first black president of the US, back in 2008.
I just have three words for him, in 2016. Shame on you.

A Tendency To Militancy

I didn’t vote today. I never expected to read those words written (typed) by me. I was always a great advocate of the need to vote, and felt that the many years of struggle and suffering of others to guarantee me that vote deserved my effort. I simply cannot see the point of voting for a European Parliament in which I have no faith or belief. To me, it is like being given the choice of voting for three different fascist parties, and feeling that I should at least use that vote, even if I despised their policies. Not only is it completely pointless, it is never going to happen.

When I was a younger man, I expressed militant ideas. I espoused the causes of revolutions in far-off lands, and agreed with the justifications of armed struggle, and achieving a goal by any means necessary. I was class-conscious, to the point of hatred, and regarded many sections of society as my sworn enemies. Somewhere in my now older head, all of this still swirls around. I have T-shirts emblazoned with the logos of Brigate Rosse, slogans from the Spanish Civil War, and silhouettes of Lenin.  I don’t just lean to the Left, I lurch wholeheartedly towards it. My heart longs for a return to the days of the Soviet Union, devoid of utilities billionaires, and Tito’s Yugoslavia, offering a practical approach to European Communism.

My head knows that this is all gone, never to return. The Red Brigades became gangsters and kidnappers, Yugoslavia destroyed itself in sectarian blood-lust, and they pulled down most of the statues of Lenin to make room for Starbucks. The world has moved to the Right. In almost every European country, the choice for the people is between one version of a right-wing party, or another. Business rules; ideals don’t pay dividends. The few countries in other lands which still boast anything remotely resembling a left-wing government are paralysed by the need to trade with capitalists, to sell their oil, their cheaply manufactured goods, or the fast-diminishing natural resources of their land. Globalisation has finally arrived, and along with it, the politics of nationalism, racism, and self-interest.

So what of the ‘enemies’? If there is ‘another side’, a modern-day natural enemy to the capitalist vine that is slowly choking the planet, then that is surely Islamic Fundamentalism. But this is no cause to defend. Its own politics are even further to the right, significantly more terrible than those pale imitations in the West. It comes with a medieval callousness, and a completely ruthless agenda. If it was not for the religious zealotry, the flippant disregard for women as individuals, and total intolerance of all things non-Muslim, I might find myself admiring such fanaticism. We should look on in terror, as here is a war we can never win. They are the future, because they don’t care about the future. They want to restore the past, and they are prepared to die, to see that happen.

When I look back at my apparently militant youth, I see now that it was many things. Fashion, protest, rebellion by argument, even something as basic as choosing a side. It was never really militancy. We may well have called it that, but we only have to look to modern day Islam to see what it really means. Total commitment, sacrifice, abstention, loyalty, and devotion. I might have had some of this, but never in large enough measure. Compared to these people, I was a child playing with ideas as toys.

The Democratic Process

I have never really seen the point of a democracy. Most people don’t vote anyway. Many that actually bother to drag themselves to the polling station, just vote for the same party every election, irrespective of changes in the leadership, or policies. Some are proud to say that they vote the same as their parents did, or quote issues that supposedly inspire their choice of candidate. Very few can actually name their MP, ( Yes I can. He is a Tory, worst luck.) and some cannot differentiate between National and Local elections.

When Thatcher was first brought to power, many women cited having a woman Prime Minister as their reason for voting Tory. When pressed, few could actually name the winner in their own constituency, and even whether or not that winner was actually from the Conservative Party. Most votes are purely motivated by self-interest. If someone wanted to buy their council house, they voted for the party that promised to let them do so. They gave no thought to the other policies that arrived on the coat tails of this promise.

The current system does not give us a government that the majority either want, or care about. Proposals to change to proportional representation will result in even greater confusion, and governments with tiny majorities, constantly doing deals with other parties, to avoid a collapse. Just when you think you have voted in one party, you find yourself governed by three others as well. It is all so pointless, so expensive, and so unnecessary.

My proposal is simple. Hand over power to those who actually have ideas and policies that are not driven by the needs of big business, international corporations, and the super rich. Get rid of the Landed Aristocracy, the Royal Family, and all those who prosper by privilege alone. Re-nationalise all industry, Railways, and Utilities, and take back all the parts of the NHS sold off to the private sector. Get out of the EU, cut all ties with NATO, and politely ask the USA to stop using our airfields, giving them a date to leave. Learn from the past, and begin to realise that there is no longer a British Empire.

If you need someone to implement all this, and who is ready and available to take control; I am not too busy at the moment.

Just don’t ask me to stand for election.