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A Right Royal Entitlement

So, a ‘Prince of The Realm’ thinks it is alright to have sex with an underage woman, and does not regret his friendship with a known paedophile?

He can simply ‘retire from Royal Duties’, whatever they are supposed to be.
Try doing that, if you are just ‘ordinary’.

Do we need anymore proof of the cesspool that is our supposed ‘Royal Family’?
Arrogance, entitlement, parasitic living, and a completely pointless existence.

And before anyone cries ‘Tourism’, let’s remember how many tourists flock to Disney World, Paris, and Rome.
They are in countries that haven’t had a Royal Family in living memory.

We don’t need the Royals anymore, and it is high time someone got rid of them.
Let them go and try to live on benefits, in a council estate.

Or send them to America, as a ‘travelling exhibition’. They seem to love them over there.