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Boris On The Back Foot

In Parliament today, Boris Johnson finally accepted personal responsibility for the parties held at 10 Downing Street during the 2020 lockdowns.

And he apologised unreservedly.

He wasn’t his usual ebullient and truculent self, oh no. To be honest, he looked ill, and there was a sense that he knew his time was almost over. Not only public opinion had forced his hand, also the outrage of members of his own party who had begun to write him off long before he stood up to speak.

Depending on what you read, and where you read it, the absence of Chancellor Rishi Sunak indicated that he is being groomed to take over. Or if you read someone else, Liz Truss is set to become the new Margaret Thatcher, a new ‘Iron Lady’ for the 21st Century.

As far as I am concerned, all Tories are liars and parasites. Whether it is Sunak or Truss, the only change is the hairstyle and clothes.

High time we got shot of them all.


Nightingale Hospitals: The Great Lie

Given the recent spike in Covid-19 cases and hospital admissions, the news reports are full of stories about overwhelmed hospitals. Seriously ill patients are being driven from one county to another in the hope of finding a hospital bed for them.

Understandably, the question has been asked. Why not use the purpose built Nightingale Hospitals? They were built in record time earlier this year, with the assistance of the Army. Every bed had access to a ventilator, and they were specifically designed to accommodate Coronavirus patients, thereby allowing other hospitals to continue to see other patients who did not have Covid-19.

The one in London at the Excel Centre cost tens of millions of pounds to convert and equip.

Journalists went there, to see how it was coping with the recent rise in cases.

They found it had been dismantled. It is now mostly an empty building, guarded by security staff who are supposed to stop people finding that out. But they told the reporters anyway. This is what they said.

It has no hospital beds inside.
It has no ventilators or oxygen inside.
It has no operational medical staff inside.

The equipment has apparently been ‘redeployed’ to other areas of the NHS.


Yes, it was all a great lie. Built with the help of the Army, and equipped by companies owned by friends of Boris Johnson and his cronies, only to be stripped out at the earliest opportunity. Don’t forget this, when the next election comes around.

Five hundred Intensive care beds just removed without public consultation, at a time when they are needed more than ever before in history.

Boris and his pals should be hanging from lamp-posts.

But nobody seems to care.

I do though.

It’s A Miracle! We are all going to be okay!

Not long after declaring he had the virus, Boris Johnson has been declared ‘fit and well’.

By an uncanny coincidence, after sheltering in a castle for a while, it seems Price Charles is fit and well too.

Wel that’s it. Everything is going to be fine. Nothing at all to worry about.

If those two such elevated personages can be cured of something they never had in the first place, then why are we concerned?

Panic over. Life goes back to normal.

Just hide somewhere for a while, (three days should do it) and it won’t kill you.

Do you still believe either of them really had it?

If so, I have got a bridge in London to sell you, going cheap.