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The wrong direction

Yesterday, I watched the numerous candidates for the Labour Party leadership election being interviewed on TV. It was a specially set up forum, designed to allow each candidate to get across their vision of a Labour government led by them. After the resignation of Ed Miliband, we might have hoped to see some passion, some bold rhetoric, even, dare I suggest, a return to some Socialist principles. But no, of course not, that was never going to happen.

Instead we got the two front runners talking about ‘engaging’ with Business and Industry, when they should have been talking about nationalising them instead. They all spoke about ‘connecting’ with the aspirations of all voters, and having to address the main doorstep issues of Immigration, and EU membership. They were quick to add that whilst Immigration might have to be dealt with in some sort of acceptable way, EU membership was a non-negotiable issue for Labour.

The female candidates were the most interesting. They talked of having children, understanding mothers, and of their natural empathy and compassion. We haven’t forgotten Margaret Thatcher yet. She was a mother. Enough said. One young woman looked as if she was about to say something good about equality and Socialism, so the chairman reigned her in. She won’t win, that’s for sure. A well-spoken, charismatic man at the end of the table talked with confidence about staying in the EU, appealing to the middle-ground in politics, and forging links with big business. He will go far.

It was depressing stuff. The potential leaders of a party that had already moved too far to the Right, all sitting there talking about moving even further in that direction, the wrong direction, to ‘appeal to the voters’. The new generation of voters, presumably. Those who worry about their mortgages, want bigger and better houses, bigger and faster cars. The same people who want to stop all Immigration, blame everything that is wrong with this country on foreigners, and stop paying any benefits to the elderly and disabled in our population.

They should have given each of them a hammer,and a large nail. Then they could have finished the job, by hammering the last nails into the Labour Party’s coffin. They will change the name again soon. Just watch.