The Cop 27 Con Trick

I saw on the news today that world leaders have gathered in Egypt to try to solve the problem of climate change.

One speaker spoke about Carbon footprints, and emissions from cars and aircraft.

Those world leaders took along big retinues. Security, admin assistants, press officers, and who knows how many others. And talking of Press, the world’s media is in attendance. Reporters from every TV channel and newspaper, camera crews, sound men/women, satellite transmission engineers, and a multitude of assorted technicians to ensure that I can watch what is happening live in Egypt from my front room in Beetley.

They all flew there. More are flying there tomorrow. They all used cars, vans, and trucks to get from the airport. The most important world leaders will undoubtedly have had a motorcade of vehicles, along with Egyptian police vehicles to protect them.

Can they not see the irony? I can.

What about their carbon footprints? What about their aircraft and vehicle emissions? Have they never heard of Zoom calls? Could they not have had this conference without leaving their own countries, face to face over the Internet?

Or perhaps it is only the emissions and carbon footprints of ‘little people’ that matter? God forbid a hard-working family should enjoy a week in the sun once a year, or use their car to visit a relative. Oh no! That will destory the planet.

But when (self) important people want to fly anywhere, and then travel around in numerous vehicles, that’s okay. That’s essential.

Pull the other one, it’s got bells on.



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  2. Heyjude

    Ah, but using video conferencing means they don’t have those lunches and dinner parties. Having seen firsthand the amount of security and vehicles here in Cornwall last year for the G7 summit I can’t begin to imagine what’s going on over there. I refuse to feel guilty about travelling.

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    • beetleypete

      Good for you, Jude. It’s the same thing when every government office building in London is fully lit overnight, even when there are no staff in the building. Then some politician goes on TV to tell us to use low-energy bulbs and turn our lights off.
      Best wishes, Pete. x


  3. Yetismith

    You’re so right, Pete. That conference could be perfectly well done on Zoom and should be. They should be using it to set an example but then they would have to start restricting the wealthy and their private aeroplanes. That would not be popular. I am so sick of the double standard.

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