Is There Still A War In Ukraine?

I know, silly question.

But if you had been watching all the main news channels here for the past week, you might be forgiven for thinking that Ukraine and Russia had called it quits.

Boris Johnson, lies in parliament, resignation, who wants his job. Big news. Bigger than a war that might escalate across Europe, even become a world war?

Well the mainstream media obviously thinks so. Even the Wimbledon tennis and Women’s football took precedence.

Then the former prime minister of Japan was assassinated.

But they had to cut back from that to the ‘Breaking News’ that Keir Starmer was not going to be charged with any breach of lockdown rules.

Ukraine? Nothing. I sat through a few main bulletins hoping to be told what was going on, but all I got were updates on who was going to stand for election as Conservative leader, then some lightweight stuff about heatwaves this weekend, and how good that is for British beach resorts.

So Ukraine is only newsworthy when there is nothing more important to report.

Like increased ice cream sales in Eastbourne, and making sure you wear sun cream.


  1. Eddy Winko

    It had certainly gone quiet on the BBC, but online online there seems to be more available, The Guardian, France24, Sky, AFP and my daily morning read from the keep me informed. And the fairly constant stream of military transport planes overhead, bringing in kit, are an audible reminder.
    Maybe there is a worry about new fatigue, too much and the people will stop caring?

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  2. Lucinda E Clarke

    I agree with wit you Pete – for once! – We seldom tune in to Sky News, BBC, Channel 4 News, or ITV. It’s all so inward-looking as if the rest of the world doesn’t exist or have any impact n GB. If you can get it, try France 24 (they update daily on Ukraine) and Al Jezhira.

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    • beetleypete

      Thanks, Lucinda. I apprecieate there are other news sources, but I think it’s disgraceful how the British media has ‘abandoned’ reporting on Ukraine. For all I know, Putin could be in Kiev.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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