Boris Johnson Calls It A Day

The worst Prime Minister in British history (yes, even worse than Thatcher) has finally been pushed out of office following a rebellion by his own ‘friends’. He will tender his resignation today, then try to stay on in the role until a new leader is elected by his party.

Too many lies, too much bluff and bluster, too much corruption, too much embarrassment for the Conservative Party. It has all finally taken it’s toll.

So why am I not dancing for joy?

The other equally corrupt Conservatives are so terrified of what might happen if there is now a General Election have persuaded him to resign to avoid that. So that means a leadership election, followed by another repulsive Tory becoming Prime Minister. Then they wil try to hang on until 2024, hoping to erase Johnson’s tainted legacy in the meantime.

Nothing is going to change. The rich and corrupt will get richer, and continue to be corrupt. Life will be no better for ‘ordinary’ people, and the old Establishment wil continue to tear apart the NHS, Social Services, The Unions, and the living conditions of the working class.

No dancing for joy from me. The face in number ten will change, but everything else will remain the same.

To be honest, I would have preferred to see Boris continue as he was. No one person has ever done so much damage to the Conservative Party in my lifetime. If he had stayed on, it might never have won another election.



  1. Wat Tyler

    Like I said, there should be only one winner. The common man, letting the privileged anywhere near our rights is like letting a rottweiler play with noisy children. They all have to go, by any means necessary, for the common man to survive and to live with dignity. They (politicians) are stripping that away from us. — 121084

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      • Wat Tyler

        Sunak or Mordaunt having more ‘oomph’ than Starmer? That’s a tough one, all three are liars, all three of them are self serving fucks. Politics is broken, helped along by Baboon Johnson. Get rid of the two big parties, dissolve liberal democrats however you see fit and make a system that is right for the 21st century. Otherwise expect more turmoil like the last six years, more of the same bullshit that is making people more insular and not wanting to be involved in change. We, the people, can instigate those changes. Step up. — 121084

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  2. Eddy Winko

    I had to laugh at the rumour that the he persuaded the ’22 committee to let him stay on whilst they choose a new leader, is because Boris and Carrie are having a wedding party at Chequers in July!
    And yes, Starmer needs to go as well if Labour are to stand any chance of getting in, he’s too much of a cardboard cut-out.

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  3. Jack Eason

    L. Like or loath Boris, two things I will always remember about him. !. He got us out of the EU. “. He was the first to side with Ukraine. In some ways I think of him as Churchillian…

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  4. democratizemoney

    Change the names of programs and your paragraph “Nothing is going to change. The rich and corrupt will get richer, and continue to be corrupt. Life will be no better for ‘ordinary’ people, and the old Establishment wil continue to tear apart the NHS, Social Services, The Unions, and the living conditions of the working class.” sums up the state of affairs in the US with the Supreme court and th Republican blockade in our Senate. Warmest regards, Theo

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    • beetleypete

      He paid £350 million to the wife of one of his best friends to run a Covid-19 Track and Trace scheme that failed after a few weeks.
      The money was never returned.

      He paid James Dyson an unspecified amount of millions to produce ventilators that were never made.
      The money was never returned.

      He tolerated similar corruption by his government ministers during the pandemic, including over £200,000 paid by Priti Patel to her own hairdresser, who claimed to be suplying masks for hospitals that were never delivered. Matt Hancock, who was Health Minister, paid out tens of millions to personal friends and extended-family members to supply protective equipment during the pandemic. Over 60% of it was unfit for purpose.
      No money was ever returned.

      When he was Mayor of London, he paid tens of thousands of public money (£125,000) to an American businesswoman, Jennifer Acuri, during a four-year sexual affair with her.

      He allowed elderly people to be discharged to care homes with Covid, famously using the phrase ‘Let the bodies pile high’. He added that ‘only old people’ would die of Covid anyway, and that would save money in State Pensions.

      He asked for £160,000 of government money to be used to build a treee house in the garden at Chequers, so his little son could play in it. That was refused.

      He allowed a wealthy businessman to pay for the refurbishment of the accommodation in Downing Street, at a cost estimated to be well over £1 million.

      He took huge financial donations from rich Russian oligarchs and even made one of them a Lord.

      He accepted paid foreign holidays from wealthy businessmen for himself and his family.

      He attended numerous parties during the time when the public was in lockdown.

      He lied to parliament about all of the above.

      There is more.
      I could go on, GP. And on…
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      • beetleypete

        No problem, GP. I have followed his career very closely, and could have listed 3-4 pages of his ‘errors’. It seems his colleagues have finally had enough of his lying and ‘entitlement’.
        Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. wilfredbooks

    I agree 100%, Pete: perhaps it would have been too much to expect this latest crisis to have initiated a general election, but another awful Tory as PM might be able to persuade enough tabloid readers that this government is worth supporting. A hiatus before the next GE might allow opposition parties to get their acts together and encourage tactical voting [and Starmer will most likely assume he can win on his own], but I’m not holding my asthmatic breath………. 😛 Cheers, Jon.

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