Donald And Boris: The Trump Effect

When Donald Trump was the president of America, many of us here in England found him to be an unusual choice as leader of the ‘free world’. His strange hairstyle, the make-up that made him look permanently orange, and not least his regular comments, tweets, and outbursts that seemed to be far from presidential. He had a bad attitude to women, could be rude and insulting on a daily basis, and it was no secret he had an admiration for people he regarded to be ‘strong’ leaders, like Kim in North Korea, and Putin in Russia.

As time went on, he was not afraid to make openly racist remarks about illegal immigrants from centtral America, Mexicans, and Chinese people. He was happy to be offensive to all of his political opponents, and many of his former friends and advisers too. Then during his handling of the pandemic, he went so far as to suggest that scientists and doctors had no idea what they were talking about, and advised people to take horse medicine or inject themselves with bleach instead.

I hold no brief for either side in US politics, but had to admit there were times when I thought Mr Trump was insane.

However, at least 50% of the people in America thought he was marvellous. Many loved him, some even idolised him. For them he could do no wrong, and for most of them he still can’t.

And now we have Boris johnson running Britain. A man who has fathered children with many different women, is openly boastful about his upper-class education, and also has a strange hairstyle. His appearance is unkempt, his speech little more than blathering, often incomprhensible. He has lied to parliament, and to the electorate, and shown no remorse when those lies have been exposed. He has consorted with Russian oligarchs, taken millions of pounds in favours from them, and awarded lucrative contracts to his best friends, costing the taxpayers billions over the last two years.

During the pandemic lockdowns he ignored the rules and laws others were prosecuted for not following, and has recently suppressed reports and investigations into his own behaviour. His friends have been rewarded with top political jobs, Knighthoods, and elevation to the Peerage. He travels around the world embarrassing this country with his bumbling and spouting of nonsense, and he has used Brexit to feather the nests of many already obscenely wealthy businessmen and political colleagues.

Yet at least 50% of the people in this country think he is doing a good job, and want him to stay on as leader. He may be booed or ignored on some walkabouts, but on others he is cheered and adored. Many of his supporters think he is the greatest thing that has happened to this country, and if he is ousted as leader by his political enemies, they will no doubt be calling for him to be reinstated.

I call this ‘The Trump Effect’.



  1. Elizabeth

    Somehow I am certain this phenomenon preceded Trump although I haven’t been able to come up with an example. But it does prove that 50% of people are dumber than average!(And of course they won’t get the statistical truth of that.)

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  2. democratizemoney

    In the US, there is the FOX News amplification of the Trump lies. The 50% (I’ll go with your estimate) that support Trump hear only FOX New or another right wing source for their information. It is also the case that that 50% also appreciate Trump because his behavior and words given them permission to be racist and ignorant. Here in the US is that we have failed to educate our population to the values of our country: equality for instance. We have a serious problem. It may well be the Trump effect, but he only gave permission for it to “bloom,” Warmest regards, Theo

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    • Doug

      You have it on the mark there, Theo. Trump has been an enabler of a long festering Right Conservatism, emboldened itself by the Obama years. When one states their dissatisfaction with Trump it’s often followed by the “what aboutism” of Biden. I have to think that’s also apparent when Brits critique Johnson and someone brings up comparisons to the last administration. I personally abhor Trump, the man; his behaviors, his persona, and his appalling biases and constant lying that promoted his policies, right or wrong. There is no comparison to Biden or anyone else. Biden stands on his own, good or bad. Biden was/is not Trump. Trump was not Biden. That alone is a relief to me. There’s a moderate at the helm with years of politics.. at the highest levels of government… who has an ability to govern by using his persona of compassion. But I surely do not define my dissatisfaction with Trump by disputing policies of Biden… and he does have a couple I do dispute.
      You also suggested “educating” people on our values. Perhaps I might suggest a greater emphasis in educating critical thinking skills.. the ability to challenge what one reads and hears rather than accept it at face value.

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  3. GP

    And you think we’re in better shape now that we have a professional politician in the White House? I wasn’t a Trump fan, but he was far better than what the Democrats were and are up to!

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  4. Doug

    Minister Johnson has a striking resemblance to actor Gary Busey (“Under Siege”, “Predator”, etc.), before the actor’s accident.
    The “Trump Effect” is a good label. But your guy seems to hang on as leader. Our guy got dumped after one term… and is fading (albeit slowly) away.
    It just goes to show our Chief of Staff Gen. Miley was correct. At the height of the Jan. 6th confusion over here the Chinese were nervous as hell about our military posture as it looked to them like a coup was going on. Miley had placed a call to his Chinese military counterpart assuring them that all was in order and not to worry, and that “…sometimes democracy can be a little messy.”

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    • beetleypete

      Thanks, Doug. I had never considered any likeness between Boris and Busey. (I know the actor well, from watching many of his films.) It remains to be seen if Boris makes it to a second term, as he has only been the PM since July 2019. The next election here is in May 2024, and the smart money currently thinks the Conservatives will dump him as leader before then.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      • Doug

        I do like that idea you Brits have over there about “vote of no confidence”. My gawd.. if we had that concept over here no president would last in office beyond 60 days.

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