The Shame Of Britain

News today of an incident at Calais that rightfully shames the current despicable government running this country.

150 Ukrainian refugees escaped from their war-torn country. They spent days heading West, crossing through Poland and Germany into France. Their aim was to seek refuge with members of their families who were already legally resident in Britain.

But the UK Border Force post at Calais refused them entry. They were told to travel to Paris, 300 miles away, and apply for a temporary visa at the British Embassy there.

Heartless, bureaucratic, shameful in the extreme.

Poland has welcomed over 500,000 refugees.
Hungary has welcomed over 140,000 refugees.
Moldova has welcomed 98,000 refugees.
Slovakia has welcomed 73,000 refugees.
Romania has welcomed 52,000 refugees.

Even Russia has allowed in 48,000 refugees to flee the war it started.

And noble Great Britain, that renowned Monarchy and self-professed seat of Democracy will not allow in 150 people who already have somewhere to go when they get here.

How can anyone claim to be ‘Proud to be British’, faced with this international shame?



    • beetleypete

      Very similar in some respects, Elizabeth. A government minister claimed they had to be vetted in case they were spies. Mums, grannies, and small children, that’s who he was talking about.
      It’s a disgrace.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      • Elizabeth

        Here I suspect that they would be more welcoming since they are light skinned. Apparently the “threat” to our national security has to do with peoples’ color. Appalling but true.

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  1. olganm

    Thanks, Pete. I hadn’t heard about this, but I am not surprised. Rules and regulations shouldn’t take preference over people. Sad, very sad. Let’s hope things change for the better, but…

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    • beetleypete

      The UK is still claiming that they need to do ‘security checks’ on everyone applying to come to Britain. Mum, kids, and grannies in the main. I can see no reason for them to need security checks, especialy when so many already have relatives in the country.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Eddy Winko

    I heard the case of someone who tried to bring their Ukrainian partner of more than two years to the UK, but because she had applied for the visa in Kiev she had to go back there to have finger prints taken! This is after they had made it as far as Holland (or some other close EU country) Mad bureaucratic bushtit.
    We have our first refugees arriving to us on Tuesday, I will suggest to them that they don’t try and go onto the UK.

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    • beetleypete

      Are you accommodating some at Chez Winko, Eddy? (If so, well done mate) They would need to go to a consulate in Poland to apply for a visa, then presumably get the runaround like the couple you mention. It is just horrible.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      • Eddy Winko

        Yes, we have a family of three arriving on Tuesday. The crazy thing is that we have a close friend who is working for an NGO in Tajikistan, the guy that called us today with details of our family was working with our friend only last week and he had mentioned us in conversation, and when explaining about where we lived he put 2 and 2 together and realised we had a mutual friend 🙂

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      • beetleypete

        I have been to Tajikistan, to Dushanbe, and the surrounding area. Mind you, it was still part of the CCCP then. (1987)
        Good luck with your family. I hope the girls have a new playmate included. 🙂

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  3. Doug

    Interesting accounting, Pete. But.. if I may… is there some context to this story? By that I mean, do we honestly believe that there’s some government office manned by real live human beings in Calais, British humans beings, who woke up one morning and simply said they were not going to let Ukrainian refugees into the country? One has to presume someone was applying rules, maybe didn’t have the immediate authority to go outside the rules… maybe a bureaucratic slipup. I’d be curious what the “rest of the story” actually is. Was there some official someone with the authority to promote his own secret agenda against refugees.. British citizens.. back into the country? Not sure I’d be all that ready to presume the worst.

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    • beetleypete

      The Border Force (Immigration) officers are implementing visa rules established by our government just last week. They say they will allow refugees to enter the UK on one-year temporary visas, but only if they go through the traditional application process at a consulate or embassy. (A 600-mile round trip to Paris.) In the case of the 150 people with relatives in the UK, some of whom had driven to Calais to collect their own family members, I happen to think that is unacceptable, Doug. Because it shames us in the eyes of a world doing so much more to help in this crisis.
      But we are happy to keep selling weapons to Ukraine of course, and happy to waive the usual necessary paperwork concerning export of arms to a country.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      • Doug

        The fact that somehow this “new” regulation went into effect just last week seems suspicious. Time for your media to question what is going on. Nice context, Pete. Would be nice if our Trump-loving Conservatives over here would think more in detail like that than just take the emotional first blush from the like of Tucker Carlson. I can understand the collective embarrassment given the effort being put forth by other countries. I only wonder how we might handle the bureaucracy when these folks start trickling in over here. Keep us apprised if you can get government to answer truth.

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