Royal Tantrums

Unless you have been hiding in a cave, you cannot have missed the constant news coverage of the split between Prince Harry and his wife, and the British Royal Family.

The Prince has gone to live in America, and made allegations against the British media for racism and harrassment, and his wife has talked about bad treatment at the hands of the other Royals.

Now they are to be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, threatening to ‘tell all’. This follows a much-publicised interview between the Prince and James Corden, shown here as ‘News’ on every channel. It has been reported that over 200 TV networks will be showing the Oprah Winfrey interview around the world, making a small fortune for CBS, and a similar cash pile for Ms Winfrey, no doubt.

The scramble for early snippets to report is unseemely indeed. And it is strange that the TV companies in America, and many Americans, seem far more interested in the comings and goings of our Royal Family than we do.

Oprah has told reporters that the Prince and his wife are receiving no fee, and there is no donation being given to any nominated charity either.

Looks like they missed a trick there. (If that’s true of course)

In Britain, Royal press people are already preparing to counter any allegations by leaking reports of Meghan’s ‘bullying’ of staff employed by the Royal household.

It seems to be coming down to taking sides. Who do we believe? Who said and did the worst things? Is this interview going to open up a can of worms at long last?

For my part, I couldn’t care less. One bunch of over-privileged wealthy royals sniping against another bunch is of no interest to me whatsoever.

People here and in America are still dying from Covid-19. That’s what should be on the news.

Health care workers including nurses are being offered a derisory 1% pay rise, after all their tireless efforts during the pandemic. That should be on the news.

Or perhaps the news that all of the British Royal Family are going to pack their cases, and go to live in California near Harry.

I would watch that report.


  1. democratizemoney

    Sorry for the delay in responding. I read this early the 7th and my immediate reactions were: it is a distraction, and it is pettiness (self-absorption). this morning I read about the interview in my newsfeed and confirmed those two reactions, plus, I did wonder how people can live needing armed security around them all the time. Warmest regards, Theo

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    • beetleypete

      Royal Security was part of my job in the police for 11 years. Once you are not in line to the throne, you don’t get any. It’s not remotely because of race or colour, just a very ancient ‘pecking order’. Harry has no chance of being King unless all the others in front of him mysteriously die at the same time. So his baby has zero chance, mixed race, or not.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      • democratizemoney

        I was thinking of even celebrities. It must be difficult to need armed security with one when one is in public. Harry is, as far as I figure, 5th inline: father, brother, nephew, and niece. Am I missing some?

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    • beetleypete

      He is only in line if his brother dies. Then after that, his brother’s children, and any children they might have later.
      Basically, everyone would have to die at once, for him to ever be king. It’s ulikely to happen.


  2. theshammuramat

    It’s annoying as you say Pete that we don’t often pay attention to what is going on in Yeman, Myanmar, and other things of consequence. I think all to it is a diversion like watching sports, or movies or the roman games in the coliseum. Pure entertainment. I lived in Santa Barbara for years when it had not been discovered. Played pool in an old hall downtown which was full of hobos. Also drank at Mels where me and my husband would hang. Wonderful bar with old ladies in diamanté glasses dancing on their own to a seedy piano player. Something out of a Raymond Chandler movie. I am now one of them.

    Anyway since I have good friends there I go back often and it’s now the playground for the rich and famous. Particularly Montecito where they live – one of the most exclusive playgrounds of them all. I actually lived there in an artist’s studio when I first visited and worked for an alternative newspaper which broke new ground.

    Fun and exciting times when the town was full of radicals, cutting edge artists and musicians of all kinds, and some of whom before I came, burnt the Bank of America down to the ground! I knew many of them and loved their humanitarian philosophies and their revolutionary ideas. I met Caesar Chavez and several black Panthers as well as Joan Baez’s sister Mimi who was very active in the anti-war movement.

    When I go back now I note Mels has gone and so have the pool halls and it is full of people like Megan and Harry who are pretending to hang and be cool and don’t know what that means. Megan is hardly suited to the Black Panther movement or the next Angela Davis. Anyway let the games begin!

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    • beetleypete

      ‘Gentrification’ is a blight on working-class districts all over the world. Real people replaced by hipsters, and so-called ‘artists’. Pushing up property prices, forcing out the kids who grew up there, and generally ruining the common-man mood that existed. It is very evident in many parts of London too.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Doug

    Good opinion, Pete. Yeah, here in the colonies we love a “good” or “bad” Royal story.. and of course the romance of all the pomp and circumstance (I think that’s far more the interest of females over here as I think most wish they were queens… although many think they are already.). Oprah will be the winner on this one. The commercial time alone during the airing she will get rich(er).. and all freebie to her given she didn’t have to pay anyone.
    My second shot is next week.. and I will then be able to again walk among the “lepers”…. although still having to wear a mask to prevent “them” from catching anything that lands on me that can’t find a welcome home. Life continues, unabated and uncaring of the petty problems between humans..

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  4. wilfredbooks

    I find it grotesque & inexplicable that the Americans seem to have such reverence for our ‘royal’ family and the antiquated aristocracy; I’m sure there are many possible explanations, of course, but uppermost must surely be that they don’t have to live with our parasites or support them financially, like we have no choice but to do. By the time the expected period of mourning [how very dare we suggest a republic then?] has elapsed after Charles’s accession, the impetus to rid ourselves of this anachronism will probably have evaporated, sadly. Cheers, Jon.

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    • beetleypete

      I see it all as a huge diversion to stop everyone being mad about what should be being done. Whenever there is any national crisis, something happens with the Royals. We have also had Prince Phillip in hospital last week, constantly reported on.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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