Nightingale Hospitals: The Great Lie

Given the recent spike in Covid-19 cases and hospital admissions, the news reports are full of stories about overwhelmed hospitals. Seriously ill patients are being driven from one county to another in the hope of finding a hospital bed for them.

Understandably, the question has been asked. Why not use the purpose built Nightingale Hospitals? They were built in record time earlier this year, with the assistance of the Army. Every bed had access to a ventilator, and they were specifically designed to accommodate Coronavirus patients, thereby allowing other hospitals to continue to see other patients who did not have Covid-19.

The one in London at the Excel Centre cost tens of millions of pounds to convert and equip.

Journalists went there, to see how it was coping with the recent rise in cases.

They found it had been dismantled. It is now mostly an empty building, guarded by security staff who are supposed to stop people finding that out. But they told the reporters anyway. This is what they said.

It has no hospital beds inside.
It has no ventilators or oxygen inside.
It has no operational medical staff inside.

The equipment has apparently been ‘redeployed’ to other areas of the NHS.

Yes, it was all a great lie. Built with the help of the Army, and equipped by companies owned by friends of Boris Johnson and his cronies, only to be stripped out at the earliest opportunity. Don’t forget this, when the next election comes around.

Five hundred Intensive care beds just removed without public consultation, at a time when they are needed more than ever before in history.

Boris and his pals should be hanging from lamp-posts.

But nobody seems to care.

I do though.


  1. Eddy Winko

    The flagship Covid hospital over here only accepts you if you have mild symptoms!
    I was talking to a guy from Berlin today who works for an EU healthcare staffing agency (which covers the UK) and he said that all they are doing is shuffling people around and getting paid more. The simple fact is that there are not enough trained staff in the EU to deal with Covid, so little hope for the rest of the world.
    As for Boris, I’d happily tie the noose, nothing but bullshit and blunder.

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  2. wilfredbooks

    I’ve seen at least one comment on Facebook from a medical professional [I think a nurse, but I might be wrong] to the effect that the Nightingale Hospitals aren’t being used because there isn’t the staff to run them, but that does presuppose that they are otherwise in a state of readiness; i.e.: complete with all the necessary equipment. This is obviously not the case, but people do often sound off without checking their facts first. Cheers, Jon.

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  3. Heyjude

    It’s downright criminal Pete. I am so disgusted with this government and its fake promises, lies and profiteering. We should demand they rebuild the Nightingale hospitals and get using them!

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