Chancellor Sunak: Richer Than Queen Elizabeth

The Chancellor of Britain’s Treasury, Rishi Sunak, has a lot to say about how generous the government has been granting furlough payments to workers unable to go into work because of the current pandemic.

He has also praised the temporary increase in Universal Credit, with an aditional £20 a week granted to claimants for the duration of the lockdowns. Is £20 a week more better than nothing? I suppose it is, but believe me, £20 doesn’t buy much in modern Britain, ask anyone.

Mr Sunak receives a ministerial salary of £71,090, and an additional salary of £81,932 as a member of parliament. A total annual salary of £153,022. This is boosted by living in an official residence, having a government car and driver at his disposal, and being able to claim expenses for almost anything that can be attributed to his job.

Let’s face it, £20 is neither here nor there to him. If he dropped a £20 note, I doubt he would bother to bend down to pick it up.

But there is more.

His wife is one of the richest women in the world. In fact, she is worth more than Queen Elizabeth, the current ruler of Great Britain.

And that’s saying something, as the Queen has a massive amount of personal wealth.

And it seems Mr Sunak ‘forgot’ to declare his wife’s vast fortune, as government ministers are compelled to do. So how much are the Sunaks worth?

The following information is from

Rishi Sunak is facing renewed questions about his financial affairs after it emerged that his wife and her family hold a multimillion-pound portfolio of shareholdings that are not declared in the register of ministers’ interests.

Akshata Murty – who married the chancellor in 2009 – is the daughter of one of India’s richest men. Her father co-founded tech giant Infosys, and she has shares in the company worth £430 million – making her richer than the Queen.

The ministerial code complex Sunak to declare any financial interests “relevant” to his job that might constitute a conflict of interests. Ministers are also supposed to declare the interests of close family members.

Richer than the Queen
After he became chief secretary to the Treasury in July 2019, Sunak revealed he was the beneficiary of a blind trust – meaning he can’t make decisions about how his money is invested, but can still profit from his investments.

However, according to a Guardian investigation, Sunak’s declarations make no mention of his wife beyond referring to her ownership of a small venture capital company.

But the paper revealed that Murty and her family hold a score of other valuable interests – including a £1.7 billion shareholding in Infosys, which employs thousands of UK staff and has held a number of government contracts.

Other holdings include a reported £900 million-a-year joint venture with Amazon in India, and a direct shareholding in a British firm which runs Jamie Oliver and Wendy’s restaurants in India.

As we say in London, he’s not short of a few quid.

So the next time he traps on about how great it is to get £20 a week more to spend, perhaps take less notice of him.

He is just a criminal in a nice suit.


  1. Ian Gibson Photography

    Richer than the Queen. I was surprised to hear that. Surely someone has started a crowdfunding page for her by now?!

    He blew his cover when he was pictured with a £200 coffee mug on his desk.

    You forgot about the bit where he made a lot of his own money by being instrumental in starting the banking crisis in 2008.

    As you say, a criminal in a nice suit.

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  2. Elizabeth

    Here politicians like the Secretary of the Treasury (gone January 20) have the same approach to the staggering hunger and eviction rate now overtaking our country. Marie Antoinette had nothing on these guys.

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  3. wilfredbooks

    “He is just a criminal in a nice suit” As are the majority of the Establishment in Britain, politicians or not: ’twas ever thus? What I find difficult to believe is how, given that this is not the first instance of this sort of behaviour, enough people have been taken in by them to give them a substantial majority, including in previously staunch Labour constituencies. I’m sad to say that self-interest, however justifiable or not, has caused far too many people to ignore their noble beliefs in favour of selfish ones. The lamentably fractured state of the left at present does not inspire confidence. Cheers, Jon.

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    • beetleypete

      Kinnock started the real rot in the Labour Party, including having me expelled! Then Blair fixed the last nail in the coffin with his ‘Mondeo Man’ speech. It has got worse ever since, and Corbyn’s last try at Socialism was crippled from within his own party.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    • beetleypete

      They don’t have a clue about that, Arlene. All the people in top government jobs at the moment mostly come from rich families. Boris johnson has even said that he finds it hard to manage on his salary, and might quit because of that. This was reported in all the newspapers.
      ‘The prime minister has allegedly complained to his colleagues that he cannot live on his annual salary of £150,402 and earned more before he took up the top job in July last year. Shortly before becoming PM, Johnson earned £23,000 a month for his newspaper column in The Telegraph, on top of speeches and appearances for which he raked in hundreds of thousands of pounds.’
      Best wishes, Pete.


      • Heyjude

        These people really do not understand what it is like to be ‘normal’. We are lucky I guess in that we do not have jobs to lose, but on the other hand our measly pensions have been supplemented by the interest on our hard earned savings. That of course has come to an end, but no-one has even mentioned how badly off many pensioners are now due to interest rates falling. We have no loans, we have no mortgage, but we have quite a small income.

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    • beetleypete

      We do not rely on Julie’s income from her part time job, but if she lost it, we would certainly have to tighten our belts, as she is now forced to wait 7 more years for her State Pension.. And things like changing ageing cars or going on foreign holidays are not possible, even with her working. We have considered downsizing to free up capital, thus creating a ‘buffer’ to allow such things, but it is probably best to wait until one of us dies for the other one to do that. I do actually manage to save from my pensions, but that all goes on house repairs and renovations, as well as keeping my car on the road. Not the retirement we imagined, as you will understand.


  4. Eddy Winko

    I don’t think many of them are in touch with reality anymore, but this opened my eyes even wider. I hope they can find some more dirt on him as hes tipped to be the next leader of the Tories! Not that dirt sticks anymore.

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