The Dark Right

Not since the grim 1930s have we seen such a rise of the Far Right in politics around the world. Black shirts have been replaced by national flags in European countries, and by assault rifles and military clothing in America.

All the usual signs are there. Demonizing minorities and immigrants. Blaming foreigners for the pandemic and natural disasters. Denying the past, flocking to fundamentalist Christianity and ultra-orthodox Catholicism. Attacking other religions and customs as ancient and barbaric, and calling on past glories as justification for new horrors.

This is more than the Far Right though, this is the Dark Right. The Right that rules without conscience or caring, the Deep Right that wants a return to old values and restriction of personal freedoms. Workers with no contracts on poor wages, and immigrants driven out, or ‘sent home’. The Right that asserts that everyone should fend for themselves, pay their own way, or just fall by the wayside.

It is building everywhere, and no longer hiding its intentions or policies. It sneers at ‘ordinary’ people, and laughs at the distress of those less able to cope. It seeks strong leaders; father figures, strong men who say what they think without reserve, and the women who are content to play a traditional role in the background.

You only have to read a history book to see what will happen.

Dark times are ahead.


  1. theshammuramat

    Hi Pete – I’ve been thinking about how we need a very good shake up. I truly regret that it took someone as crass and vile as the Trumpet (what my granddaughter calls him). I think the dark right in Western style politics were somewhat camouflaged since post World War 2. It took someone like Trump to bring them out of their cave like some festering sore that remained hidden within the body politic. Now we can see them clearly and COVID has made them even more obvious. Perhaps this pandemic was the kick in the pants the Western world needed to start thinking about the damage that pandemics, climate change and environmental degradation causes and how good strong governmental systems can mitigate all three of them. A strange thought for Americans albeit that the rights of the individual outweighs the rights of the majority here.

    It has been a terrible sacrifice for those who have lost loved ones to this pandemic – let us hope that as in those who fall in any war against the dark forces that have been with human beings probably since the beginning of time, we will remember them as fallen heroes. I hope this country where I was not born but chose to live and raise my family, will show the world what it’s made of as it delivers a landslide victory to Biden in November.

    I truly believe the majority of vile Republicans who used the worst propaganda to instill hatred and fear in people with little education in history, philosophy, literature and the humanities made a terrible calculation when they supported and enabled Trump and his and their greedy rapacious families. I believe that as a result of their actions if the Democrats get the Trifecta the Republicans through their disgusting behavior will have exposed the need for huge reform in our political system. The first order of business must be the Legislative Branch and the Supreme Court. I believe the Biden folks will put a whole lot of new justices on the court and make sure that it once again becomes a body that supports law and not catholic and neo-liberal capitalist ideology. They’ll also attempt to reform the lower court systems which are loaded with judges whose political views do not match the majority of Americans. In addition they’ll protect voting rights for the majority and give us a decent health care system that takes care of families and children. Onwards to victory.

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  2. johnrieber

    We are in the worst of it right now in the US as you know. I cling to the fact that a clear majority of Americans are rejecting this hate – we shall see, but if we do, there is still much damage to repair on the world stage and in our own backyards as well. I think history has shown the worst of us before but here we are, so let’s hope we can fix this once again. There are so many incredible things we have all achieved together, including friendship and respect – let’s hope we can get there again soon.

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  3. Jim

    Hi Pete – you omit any mention of how brexit fuelled racism and hate crime, being a far-right libertarian project led by Farage, Bannon and the likes of them!

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    • beetleypete

      I thought that went without saying, Jim. I am talking about something even more dangerous here, though that was certainly one of the many sparks that helped start the fire.
      Best wishes as always, Pete.


    • beetleypete

      I have a feeling the pandemic is here to stay, Arlene. No effective vaccine so far, and none really promised. People refusing to abide by the safety regulations, and young people convinced they cannot get the virus. Half the world is in denial about it, so it will continue to spread.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. Eddy Winko

    They will only grow stronger as economies weaken, but whilst we have quite a strong far right over here I’m hopeful there are more opposing them. Mind you these things travel fast, even faster now we have the internet, so no matter where it starts it wont take long to be on our doorstep ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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      • beetleypete

        Corbyn was assassinated by the false Tories in his own party, colluding with the press. Biden might still lose, but even if he wins, he is very much ‘Big Business’, and that’s where his backers’ money comes from . None of it looks very encouraging to me, sadly.
        Best wishes, Pete.

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      • darthtimon

        There’s definitely something to be said that Clinton, Obama and Biden are all closer to the right than the left (mention that to Trumpers and watch as they lose their minds). That being said, Biden is an infinitely better candidate than Trump.

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  6. Doug

    You personally are going through a testing time there, Pete. Hang in there. I’ve not been jumping in much because of my own attempts to deal with the nonsense.. even closed up all my blogs. For me.. it’s all been said and I am just waiting for the election here.. and getting on with life. At the risk of sounding too “condescending American”, if Trump gets replaced Biden just might set a general tone of former political stability that could catch hold again in Europe. That’s assuming he stays alive.. and/or Harris can pull off the same thing if she inherits the role. Other than that, old buddy, we’ve lived through times similar to this before and it certainly tests our fortitude… and the Brit stiff upper lip persona certainly can be a value at times like this. Just watch your health…. the rest will be what it will be.

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