Royal News Blackout

*** UPDATE ***

Please see Fraggle’s comment below. This clip is supposedly from 2018 according to comment by those who posted it, and not yesterday.

Unless you have seen it featured on Twitter, you will be unaware of a loud protest by a fair-sized crowd outside Buckingham Palace in London today.

This is a protest against Prince Andrew’s involvement in the trafficking of underage girls for sex, part of the Epstein scandal in America. The Prince has also declined to appear in court in America, where he might face charges of sex with underage girls at the Epstein mansion.

Not that Andrew is in the palace. The Queen isn’t there either, and has decided ‘not to return for some time’. I doubt anyone is in there, except the poorly-paid staff, and royal lackeys who keep the whole thing going at the taxpayer’s expense.

That in itself is disturbing enough, the fact that Royal privilege means he is exempt from being extradited to America to give evidence. He cannot be arrested by US Federal agents in Britain on an international warrant, for the same reason. This is an even bigger deal than Diplomatic Privilege, which can be revoked.

Of greater concern to me, is today’s event has NOT been mentioned on any news broadcast, by any of the various news channels operating in the UK.

The people working for those companies, and they call themselves ‘journalists and reporters’, should hang their heads in shame.

Much is written about Fake News these days, but this is the reality of Real News going unreported, on the instructions of the rich and privileged who run everything in this country, even the information supply.

Now not only can we no longer believe what we are told is the news, we are deemed unfit to be told what is happening in front of our own eyes.


  1. graycatcomputing

    We have Whatshername Maxwell in court and she is gonna squeal like a pig soon to not be put in the general population. Right now they have her in Maximum Security on Suicide Watch here in America to keep whoever suicided Jeffery Epstein. I wonder if the media will selectively cover it when she squals in order not to let on that So-Called Conservative Democrats and Far-right Republicans are involved in the massive sex ring.

    Who needs Pizza Gate or QAnon when you have this?

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  2. Elizabeth

    I have been too wrapped up in the Jerry Falwell Jr. sex scandal at his holier than thou college to tune into the travesty of Epstein and cohorts. Sleaze is everywhere at the moment. I think there is some justice that this is at least coming to light all over the place.

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  3. fragglerocking

    And so no, it wasn’t in my newspaper, and the reason is that the video is over 2 years old. The chap who posted it has put in the description “Saw this clip and several others on social media claiming to be about a protest that took place today (23-8-20) but its actually footage from an older protest (date unclear). The people creating a fictious protest appear to be trying to hijack opposition to child trafficking and exploitation to push fringe conspiracies. Please stay on guard.”

    So fake news Pete I’m afraid.

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      • fragglerocking

        But we do know Pete, didn’t take me long to find out the clip is from 2018 and there definitely was not any protest yesterday. The queen is at Balmoral where she always spends summer – didn’t ‘ run away’. You need to put a retraction post up really, a lot of people follow your blog and are now completely misinformed. Seriously, check your facts and sources before getting riled up and posting, especially when using twitter for your info. You have a great credible blog usually, wouldn’t want you to spoil that.

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  4. wilfredbooks

    I’m sure manipulation of the content of ‘news’ in the mainstream media is by no means new [a somewhat ironic synonym], but it is none the less reprehensible for that. The most common response is probably a shrug of the shoulders and the thought “’twas ever thus”, but it is difficult to see how a radical change could be instituted by peaceful means; not that I would recommend violence in any form. The democratic process is evidently thoroughly traduced, and corruption is at the heart of it: I worry what sort of a world we are leaving for our children and theirs. Cheers, Jon.

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    • beetleypete

      Yes, it was much worse before the foreign media started to report the Royal goings-on, and then UK media followed suit. But the Andrew/Epstein case is a worrying escalation of their intention to abuse power and control press reporting of their activities. They are not private citizens, and enjoy a lavish, government-funded lifestyle. They should be held to account for transgressions, in my opinion.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. CarolCooks2

    Nothing over here and my son who is outraged over all this and tells me every single thing about this case has obviously not seen this…Outrageous however I do not think the Queen would risk a scandal or have the name of the Royal Family besmirched I think she would tell him to do the right thing and face the music…she will distance herself from any scandal I am sure…Son or not …

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    • beetleypete

      There was a complete failure to report something as ‘normal’ as a vocal demonstration in Central London. In my mind,, that has to have come down as an ‘instruction’ from the highest level. The plain fact is that the Royals are now as good as blatantly saying that they can do anything, including sex with underage girls, and get away with it. Of course, that has always been the case, but now it gets reported abroad and cannot be covered up.
      Andrew’s defence that he ‘doesn’t remember her’, or ‘didn’t know her age’ is not an acceptable defence in law in this country for anyone else. I hope you sent a link to your son, because if he is not on Twitter he wouldn’t have seen this at all.
      Best wishes, Pete.


      • graycatcomputing

        We actually had FootBall (American Football) player who had sex with a prostitute who was underage without knowing. Both the Pimp and Prostitute admitted they had lied to him about her age. But he went to Jail anyway where probably (if I know anything about General Population from experience) they probably (unless it was a Federal Prison in which he just went to a resort he couldn’t leave) raped him to death. I have actually been to American Jail if you have any questions?

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    • beetleypete

      They do enjoy some ancient privileges from arrest and prosecution, but that usually only applies to The Queen. They are not exempt from reporting though, so it is shameful that the news companies did not report this demonstration.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. theshammuramat

    I believe Giselle Maxwell will make a deal with US prosecutors for the names of all the men who were involved. Hopefully they protect her better than Epstein who I believe did not commit suicide. A load of powerful men were involved with Epstein. It will be interesting to see whose name emerges and how prosecutable they are. The New York Times will not hold back once the door opens.

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    • beetleypete

      I’m sure Maxwell with meet with an ‘accident’ if she names the ‘wrong names’, Felicity. If they were prepared to kill Diana Spencer to stop her marrying an Egyptian, who knows what they are capable of? I’m expecting Maxwell to take a plea deal, and a non-disclosure agreement.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  7. Mary Smith

    It’s scandalous. Yesterday so many people were having a go at Meghan Markle for daring to say publicly it is important to vote – she didn’t mention Trump or tell people who to vote for only stressed the importance of voting. Great screams of outrage and demands she be stripped of her title. Personally, I think they all should be, but why pick on her while letting Andrew get away with whatever he’s been up to?

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