New London ‘Death Camp’ will be ready soon

Much has been made of the fact that the government is rushing to convert an existing conference and entertainment venue into a new ‘Hospital’. They are working hard in East London’s Excel Centre to create two ‘wards’ that will each accommodate 2,000 people. They have even given it a nice name, ‘The Nightingale Hospital’.

Does that sound good to you? Well it doesn’t to me.

I would like to know how they expect to treat 4,000 people lined up together in a massive space that is one kilometre long. How will they keep them apart at a safe distance? Will there be respirators for those needing life support? (Unlikely) Where will they find the doctors and nursing staff to treat them? (Answer, The Military)

So what we have here is a place where those who are expected to die are going to be sent to, to do just that. In a huge enclosed space called a hospital that is really only a death camp.
It will be run by the Army Medical Service, and no doubt guarded by troops too.

Are you worried yet?

This guy is working there to get it ready, and he is.
Now, he is taking it seriously, at long last.

Note his use of the words ‘Makeshift Hospital’. Not, ‘New Nightingale Hospital’. He also mentions the building of what he calls ‘Two morgues’.

I suggest that the whole place is just one big morgue. Eventually.


    • beetleypete

      They are unlikely to ever create such permanent structures here as they could never staff them once the crisis is over. Well, they could, but don’t want to spend the money to do that.
      Best wishes, Pete.



        Our mobility seems to be a curse in thus particular case. I am quite shocked by the whole thing. I live in a rural community with a very small neighboring town, thankfully-still there are a dozen cases here-I can not imagine life now in major cities. The ” hospitals”just break my heart.

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  1. Ron Walker

    Here in the states about four years ago. There were reports and pictures, of coffin shaped containers being stored in rented fields all around the US. Naturally most laughed it off as conspiracy theories. Now I wonder if they knew something way ahead. Thousands upon thousands of these containers stacked in fields just sitting there..

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  2. CarolCooks2

    I watched that video the other day and it scared the bejesus out of me for my family in the U.K…I do think that cocooning yourself and following hygiene guidelines will help if not to eradicate but slow the pace and spread down of this virus. Scary times…I hope you are feeling better Pete..Stay safe…

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  3. Mary Smith

    It’s terrifying, Pete – both the thought of all those sick people shoved in there and the fact the government thinks it’s okay to treat sick people like this.


  4. johnrieber

    A lively discussion…here in the US, the Governor of New York keeps saying there aren’t enough bed in his state, so they are converting convention centers and abandoned buildings into makeshift hospitals. The question will be what % of people who go there recover, and how many die.

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  5. fragglerocking

    Well I don’t see any alternative if the death toll is going to be as high as they predict. There are a lot of people living alone, you can’t just leave them there to die, and the usual morgues are not going to be able to cope. Of course they’re not going to call it a death camp. Scary stuff Pete, bet you’re glad you don’t live there now.

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    • beetleypete

      They should just be honest, and call it something like an ‘isolation facility’. People sent there might be expecting some sort of specialist care, which they are unlikely to receive. They will be choppering people to Docklands from all over the south-east, (including Norfolk, according to our local news) using military helicopters. But we are lucky not to be living in London still, I agree. I expect to see more of these ‘new hospitals’ popping up elswhere, if it carries in until the end of the summer.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. democratizemoney

    I see the virus got through the motes around the royals. It is difficult keeping at bay something one can not see. Yes, we all know the rules and procedures, but then, one small gap is all it takes. My best wishes for all the stay safe and healthy. Warmest regards, Theo

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  7. Doug

    Can you imagine 4,000 contagious people all breathing the same air in what essentially is a confined area.. even IF the ventilation system exchanges air at a proper rate.. it will have to be filtered before expelling it all into the London air. Anyone venturing into such a place with all that contagious breathing… how can they NOT get infected somehow? At least here in the States they are thinking empty motels/hotels with separate rooms in a lot of cases.. and I think isolation “ward” tents are being installed within large interior areas that can be self-contained as isolation units by themselves. It does make one wonder more about the “death camp” metaphor in that vast open space.

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      • Doug

        Well… desperation typically brings on measures less about saving the individual, the original moral intention, and more about saving the majority that can be saved. Such are the decisions of government that can many times be made in secret. As I recall, Churchill “sacrificed” Coventry to bombing in order to save Ultra from being exposed (as I recall… which that kind of history is often disclaimed decades later). But you get the point.

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    • beetleypete

      We are mostly doing all that, Robbie. But using a huge conference centre as a makeshift hospital is not the way to treat people safely. It would almost be better to leave them at home to die in peace.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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