Royalty: Leading By Example

Anyone who reads this blog will know how much I detest the Royal Family, and the aristocracy that surrounds it. But in this time of panic and concern about Covid-19, it is worth looking back in history to the years 1939-1945.

During WW2, the Royal Family of King George VI led by example. They stayed in London, risking being bombed along with the population. They visited factories, and toured hospitals to speak to the injured soldiers and civilians. They walked around the bomb-damaged streets of the capital in the hope of cheering the war-weary populace. The young Princess Elizabeth served in the Army as a driver, and many male members of the Royals joined the armed forces and saw action overseas.

This solidarity with the British people earned them a great deal of respect, during and after that war. My parents’ generation never forgot how the privileged Royals were seen to have stuck it out with everyone else.

Fast forward to 2020, and the virus scare.

All of the Royals have completely disappeared from view. Scuttled off to castles or palaces, behind fences or walls, surrounded by armed guards. The people who normally love to be seen wandering around waving at crowds, or gracing the front pages of our newspapers, are notable for their absence.

They could be given suitable protective gear to visit those gravely ill. They could practice ‘social distancing’ as they toured the workplaces still being staffed by emergency workers, shop workers, and other essential services. The could inspire, lead by example, pay the nation back for the centuries of wealth and privilege they have enjoyed.

But no. They are hiding away, until it’s all over. Cowards.

Talk about showing your true colours.

Once the current pandemic has passed, don’t forget to wave and cheer at them when they next appear.


    • beetleypete

      Funny how it is suddenly so much more serious because Charles has got it. The BBC is on Royal overdrive at the moment. Might be part of the plan to pass the throne directly to William. That has always been likely.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. Cousin Ian

    Likewise, Comrades Corbyn, McDonnell, Starmer, Long-Bailey, et al, are conspicuous by their absence! They don’t even have to speak to the ‘plebs’ any more! Why should they! All their Christmases have come at once and Britain is now the ‘socialist state’ that they have always wanted! And they didn’t even have to win an election!
    I watched McDonnell’s reply to Rishi Sunak’s emergency budget; his face, contorted into compassion and desperation for more to be done; his voice, every word dripping with empathy for those who could be left behind! His ‘wish list’, for the trillions of Pounds he wants the state to give to everybody in the country! The only thing he failed to ask for was the billions to set up his own KGB or Stasi to shut down opposition and squash any dissent to Labour rule when this is all over!
    This will end up as Boris Johnson’s ‘Churchill moment’! He will lead the country to ultimate victory, but , when he tells people that they are not going to be given ‘free money’ any more, the same selfish people who are currently stockpiling will turn to the Labour
    Party, who will commit to continue to give them free money, in return for their votes!
    Congrats, Pete, you won after all! Without a shot being fired!
    Regards to all in the DPRB.
    Stay safe.

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    • beetleypete

      I consider McDonnel to be right wing, and Corbyn to be a moderate. I didn’t vote for them. As for the virus, Boris left it late so his pals in the stock market could grab cheap stocks and trade the pound short. He might just have left it too late though.
      Anyway, as they are not supposed to be treating anyone over 65, it was nice knowing you mate. Keep the famly name flying! 🙂 🙂
      Love to all, Pete. x


  2. theshammuramat

    At first in any kind of catastrophe the rich will protect themselves. I’m a science fiction writer so that’s inevitable. However in real life food and water are what we need and since they have nothing to barter with they’ll join the rest of us.

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  3. toritto

    Not surprised Pete. Similar situation going on here as the wealthy streamed out of NY to their summer” cottages” in the Hamptons. Guess who gets available ventilators? They buy their own just in case. Best from Florida.

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