South London Terror Attack: Sad News

Many of you will now be aware of an Islamist-inspired terrorist attack in the South London District of Streatham.

This is an area I know very well. It has no ‘significant targets’, and is a long way from any iconic tourist sites, or ‘important buildings’.

Yet it was the destination of choice for a young British Muslim who presumably wanted to ‘Die by Police’, in a rather pathetic attempt at immortalising himself through his religion and his actions.

Fortunately, both his victims are alive, and not seriously injured. That doesn’t mean that the scars and psychological affects of the incident will not continue to affect their lives though.

When the BBC News ‘calmed down’, it was soon reported that plainclothes police officers from the Anti-Terrorist Branch had shot and killed this man within two minutes of the first victim being stabbed. Video evidence clearly shows at least three such officers, one on a motorcycle, ‘dealing’ with the perpetrator at the scene.

More reports today revealed his name, and the fact that he had just been released from prison after serving less than half his sentence for ‘Terrorism Offences’. No doubt his history was serious enough that he was being followed by specialist officers, with close surveillance of his movements. Looking away from the brave actions of those police officers who stepped forward to shoot this man dead, despite him apparently wearing an explosive ‘suicide vest’, we have to ask why he was released in the first place.

He was released under the usual terms of British Law. Having served a large part of his sentence, he was ‘eligible’ for parole.

Sad to say, this law should no longer apply to convicted terrorist subjects who have been imprisoned for plotting such crimes. We saw what happened at London Bridge, and now in Streatham High Road. If those people want to put themselves above the law, purely in the name of their religion, then that law needs to change, where it relates to them.

They should have to serve ALL of their sentence, and not be released until we can be sure they no longer pose a threat to innocent people going about their daily business.


  1. John

    Everybody knows (Especially the old washed out armchair politicians over here in the U.S.A.) that there is no such creature as an Islamist terrorist … just more fear mongering by Islamaphones … that’s what some of the idiots in the USA believe …

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    • beetleypete

      Over here, the newspapers call them ‘concentration camps’. But that didn’t stop the Conservative government doing deals with Huawei of course. Profit rules! 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Eddy Winko

    I think they should at least asses them before release, which I understand was automatic (the release), no parole board was involved. I think longer sentences just move the problem down the line (he was going to do this no matter when his release was), We must spend some money on rehabilitation and finding better ways of assessing the prisoners. I did hear a quote on the radio that in Denmark, or Holland, that the success of rehabilitation is in the 90’s% rate, it just costs lots of money!

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    • beetleypete

      Thanks for your thoughts, Eddy. Yes, the automatic release system is supposedly to address overcrowding in prisons. Unfortunately, that is no consolation to the victims killed or seriously injured. When it is only ‘ordinary’ people being killed, I don’t expect much to get done. But when they eventually kill the children or relatives of someone ‘important’, watch how fast it changes.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    • beetleypete

      They changed it to a minimum of two-thirds of the sentence. The guy that did this was very young. Another year or two in prison wouldn’t have bothered him. Sadly, I fear we have to get much tougher on fundamental religious terrorism. It’s not something that can be addressed or rehabilitated in the Parole system.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. fragglerocking

    Just read on BBC news site– Emergency legislation will be introduced to end the automatic early release from prison of terror offenders, the government has said. Justice Secretary Robert Buckland told MPs the change would apply to both current and future offenders.-

    Bit like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted.

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