Something Worth Reading

This is an excellent article about the current misconceptions held by both sides in the Brexit debate, and it also supplies some basic facts about life in Europe that may well surprise everyone. I am unable to reblog or copy the piece, but here is a link to it and I am sure you would enjoy reading the refreshing facts.

Everything you know about Europe is wrong


  1. stalinsmoustache

    Thanks, Pete. I have always had a love-hate relationship with (Western) Europe. My parents came from the Netherlands and my wife is a Danish-Australian, so I spend quite a bit of time in Denmark, albeit in the countryside where there are good folk. But I also cannot stand the smug sense of superiority exhibited by the bourgeois ruling class to the rest of the world (acquired only in the last couple of hundred years) and the sheer ignorance of what actually goes on in other parts. Further, my wife and I often talk of the way the EU was always framed as a free movement of commodities, including labour power. Thus, after 1989 the EU was more than keen to enroll Eastern European countries, shut down their industries, create a mass of unemployed people, and encourage them to move westward and accept lower pay and conditions, thereby undercutting the hard-won gains by workers in the West (and abruptly destroying the gains they had made in the East).

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    • beetleypete

      One of the reasons why I always hated the EU Capitalist bloc was because of terms like ‘guest workers’, and ‘migrant workers’. The ‘free movement’ from poorer countries was only to allow cheap labour for the huge farming interests and global manufacturers. I could never have voted to Remain, even though Leave was embraced here by some very dubious Far Right factions.
      The debate here has been acrimonious, and has split up families, and long-standing friendships.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. abbiosbiston

    My bigger concerns are around loads of weird stuff getting added to our food American style and loss of some workers rights… and none of that is addressed here. Unfortunately I think huge chunks of the world are becoming more racist and less tolerant and in or out of the EU won’t change that.

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  3. democratizemoney

    Since the article was written by an “islander,” I thought the last line was particularly to the point. “the continent still remains very much isolated,” An interesting read although some of the references escaped me, Warmest regards, Theo

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