‘Stepping Back’: Nice work if you can get it

You can’t have failed to notice that there has been some big news surrounding some of our Royal parasites today.

Prince Harry and his American wife, collectively known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have announced their intention to ‘step back’ from royal duties. They intend to split their time between a new life in North America, and some time back in the UK. (Presumably when the weather is nice.)

Speculation has been rife. Meghan has been upset by newspapers making unkind remarks about her clothing, apparently. Harry is only sixth in line to the throne, so pending an unprecedented royal disaster, he will never live to be a king. Harry has a rift with his brother William, about royal ‘directions’ he should be taking. There are lots of quotes from the couple of course, all intended to back up their reasons for leaving this country.

Meghan, 38, said she was told “you shouldn’t do it because the British tabloids will destroy your life”.

In an ITV documentary, she admitted motherhood was a “struggle” due to intense interest from newspapers.

Prince Harry also responded to reports of a rift between him and his brother William, Duke of Cambridge, by saying they were on “different paths”.

The duke, 35, said he and Prince William have “good days” and “bad days”.

He added: “We are brothers. We will always be brothers.

“We are certainly on different paths at the moment but I will always be there for him as I know he will always be there for me.

They are set to launch a new charity, apparently, and there are more rumours that Meghan intends to return to a career in acting.

“This geographic balance will enable us to raise our son with an appreciation for the royal tradition into which he was born, while also providing our family with the space to focus on the next chapter, including the launch of our new charitable entity.” (Harry)

The prince intends to give up the portion of his income provided by the UK taxpayers, but seems happy enough to continue to receive the annual small fortune bestowed on him by his father, drawn from revenues on the Duchy of Cornwall. (So, still ‘our’ money then.)

The couple has been quoted as saying that they feel more welcome in North America, as in the US, and Canada, than they do in Britain.

However, they do intend to keep hold of the free house they were given, Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor Park Estate of the Queen. Considering the UK taxpayer forked out Β£2.5 million to ‘refurbish the cottage to their taste’ just last year, that’s very kind of them, I am sure you will agree. Nice to have somewhere to pop back to, when Harry fancies a trip home.

I hope they leave soon, and never come back. Let’s see how well they do earning a living when they are not being paid by the state. Oh, I forgot, Prince Charles will still be handing over wads of cash to make sure they can buy groceries.

And my message to the couple is simple. Take the rest of them with you when you go.
Build a Royal Theme Park in America, and walk around waving at the crowds.
You have had enough practice.


    • beetleypete

      All the Royals know only too well the price of their easy life. Public attention, and Press intrusion. I don’t think the average person really cared about her race, and many thought it a very positive thing. But the press will always use any ‘leverage’ to try to sell papers. They should have just ridden it out. Sooner or later it would have gone away.
      Of course, I am glad they have gone. Two less to pay for. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Elizabeth

    I think the fascination at the moment in the U.S. with this story is that the drama of another family is a welcome relief from the drama around the “first family” here. I will trade you yours for ours. Then you can gain a man who shoots endangered animals for sport, a woman who has so much botox she can’t smile, a woman with nannies who advocates for working moms, and a few more offspring.

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  2. toritto

    If Harry and Meghan want to show some real “leadership” they would give it ALL up! Daddy’s allowance, Frogmore etc. He would renounce his title, move to Canada and make a living. Not that it would be so hard to do -they would simply become ordinary “celebs.” She could easily obtain Hollywood work and he could have his choice of a “job.” They have found out a gilded cage is still a cage. Now what to do about it?


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  3. Ian Gibson Photography

    Like you say “Good Riddance” and I hope they can all ‘step down’ from their privileged positions.

    I think Harry and Megan’s travails stem from her not realising what the contract she was entering into entailed. She gets fabulous wealth, access, privilege, and power. In return she gives up all autonomy, she does what her in laws want her to do, and in the manner they want it done. She also allows the sycophantic royalist public around the world unbridled access to her private life.

    She was, understandably, not too content with those conditions.

    Which probably explains why, after a tour of South Africa, raising the profile of some photogenic people in abject poverty, they rounded it off giving an interview moaning about how hard done to they were.

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  4. Eddy Winko

    He could always pursue a carrer in rugby like his dad, or was that William (his brother or dad), oh I dont know, its all very confusing and pointless, if only they didn’t get paid so much. Still I think they will have more shit to deal with than that they leave behind, so good luck with that πŸ™‚

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    • beetleypete

      They are more popular in America than in England, according to the polls. And your country is very big, so you can tuck them away somewhere like Montana, and never have to bother about them again. πŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.


  5. GP Cox

    I told you when they first got married that I couldn’t see her as ‘Royal material’. Now she’s gone and made herself the Yoko Ono of the Royal family – no matter what you think of them, there should be some decorum.

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      • Heyjude

        Why don’t they just give back their royal titles and do as Edward VIII did and go live elsewhere and support themselves. Harry such a whinger and it always seems to go back to his mother. Sorry to say but she got on my nerves too. I reckon Charles might have been a good king, but he’s probably not going to be one, or not for long. As for William, who knows. I’m not particularly for or against the Royal family, but Harry is no loss.

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      • beetleypete

        Edward VIII never really supported himself in his so-called retirement. He was still given money by the Crown to live in France, nicely out of the way. And even though he abdicated, he kept the royal title of The Duke of Windsor until his death. He was a good example of a real royal parasite, as he even negotiated with the Nazis to return as their puppet king in the event of a British defeat.


      • beetleypete

        Yes, she runs her estate (Gatcombe Park) as an equestrian centre to finance her life, though she is still known as ‘Anne, Princess Royal’, and takes on three ‘official duties’ a year. She is more like some of the Euro-Royals, living a predominantly private life now. She also makes her children support themselves.
        But. There’s always a but…
        Gatcombe Park is a ‘Royal Residence’ that was given to her. Bought by the Queen in 1976, with her ‘own money’. (Chuckle) And she also has apartments at St James’s Palace for her visits to London.
        Not a bad start in life.
        You will never hear me have one single good word to say about anything to do with royalty and aristocracy, Jude. πŸ™‚

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  6. wilfredbooks

    What disappoints me most, Pete [I won’t say “depresses”, because they’re not worth getting depressed about] is not the number of people who actively support them [although there are far too many, whose opinions are formed by the right-wing comics they read], but the number of people who shrug their shoulders and accept the monarchy as more or less inevitable. The next few years will bring some significant changes, but not in the direction we would want, I fear. Cheers, Jon.

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