Coalitions, and The Ides Of March

Not long to go before the election, and the knives are out all round.

Labour Deputy leader Tom Watson, a well known moderate, (read borderline Tory) has announced his decision to quit as an MP, and not to continue in politics after the election.
He cites the fact that he wants to become a personal trainer, and write books about his weight loss, after being diagnosed with Diabetes.

So. after a lifetime in politics, he chooses working in a local gym, and writing self-help books, over being the potential number two to Corbyn’s Prime Minister.
(If Corbyn wins of course, which seems to be increasingly unlikely)

Once a moderate non-Socialist, always a moderate non-Socialist, so it would appear.
And the chance to stab a genuine left-winger in the back? That will do nicely, thank you.

The Conservatives have their own crop of defectors. Remain-friendly MPs, afraid to face the Leave constituents who voted them in on the understanding we would leave the EU. They are bailing out as fast as the First-Class passengers on The Titanic.

Then we have the Remain Alliance. Lib-Dems, Greens, and local Nationalists, all coming to various agreements about not standing against each other, hoping to tip the balance in possible ‘wavering’ constituencies.

The forecast is for a complete ‘mess’. The worst-case scenario is that we will get a fractured government, with no party able to scrape up a majority to do anything positive. Brexit will hang around into a fourth year, and Europe will be sniggering behind its fingers at the complete balls-up that is politics in modern Britain.

Is it any wonder that I have had enough of this circus?



  1. wilfredbooks

    Depressingly, I think a lot of people, aside from the gung-ho party faithful, share your despair, Pete. I fear your prediction about a fractured government might be right: in a way it would be appropriate, as it will be a direct reflection of a fractured country! As ever, though, it will probably be the people who don’t vote who determine the outcome. Cheers, Jon.

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  2. toritto

    Feel for you Pete. We’ve got our own mess here. Dems are gonna impeach Trump here and his supporters in the Senate will not convict. Then we’ve got an election Don’t know if the country can stand four more years of this. Besties.

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