The ‘No choice’ Election

Well it looks like we will have a General Election in December. That’s a ‘maybe’, until someone tries to stall it, like they have stalled leaving the EU for over three years.

December the 9th, or December the 12th. It matters not to me, because I have nobody left to vote for.

My usual default vote would be (somewhat reluctantly these days) for the Labour Party.

But now they want a second referendum on the EU, if they win. (Which is unlikely)
At best, they keep talking about a ‘People’s Vote’, just another expression for a second referendum.

So, I cannot possibly vote Labour, as they have ignored the result of the 2016 referendum completely.

Because they didn’t like that result.

I cannot possibly vote for the Conservative Party, because they are just privileged arseholes.
I would sooner bite off my own leg, than ever cast a vote for those insufferable bastards.

Liberal Democrats? Wishy-washy, no-policy losers, who want us to stay in the EU.
My vote is never going to go in their direction.

The Brexit Party? Right-wing, xenophobic Nationalists, one step away from Fascism.
It goes without saying that they can f***k off.

The Greens. All cosy, comfy, and worried about the planet. Hmm…
No. They want to stay in the EU. To hell with the 2016 referendum result.

So, that’s me. Done with politics. Sick to my stomach about so-called ‘Democrats’ who think it is alright to fight against an election result because they didn’t win.
Fed up with elected politicians who ignore the will of the people that voted them in, because it suits their pockets, and their personal ambitions.

Good luck with the election. I will not be participating.

Unless they put ‘None of the above’ on the ballot paper.


  1. Ros

    Hello again πŸ™‚

    Just wandered back here to see what you might have made of the news of a forthcoming election… and found your response to be much as I expected. I suspect you will not be alone amongst former Labour voters… for which reason I also suspect that BoJo will unfortunately march to victory. Not a happy time for the UK. Indeed, what he will or won’t do about Brexit (which itself fills me with dread) is actually the least of my worries right now. I would fight against him and his party’s self-seeking policies to the end…

    Unfortunately, as a Brexit supporter, you don’t feel you have that opportunity. I feel for you. This, however, I do feel is a little unfair:

    “So, I cannot possibly vote Labour, as they have ignored the result of the 2016 referendum completely.”

    In fairness to the Labour Party, they supported Remain throughout the referendum campaign. So asking them to suddenly change their tune in order to uphold the result of a referendum they didn’t even ask for seems to me to be expecting a bit much. It would be like telling the SNP that, having lost their referendum, they should now stop supporting Scottish Independence. It ain’t gonna happen.

    Yes, that’s hugely frustrating for people like you who just want (to coin a phrase) “to get Brexit done”. And it must be even more frustrating when, at the same time, you have to hear those words being repeated incessantly from a man you despise. But, I’m sorry, people don’t just stop believing what they believe just because the majority of the (voting) population think otherwise. So if, ultimately, that makes Labour the minority in Parliament on December 13th, so be it. And if, as a result, BoJo and his cronies spend the next five years making the poor even poorer and the rich even richer, then, again, so be it. The people will have decided…

    But I, for one, will not stop standing up for what I believe to be right…

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  2. Cousin Ian

    As you know, I am on the centre-right of the political spectrum, and also voted ‘Leave’. I also have nobody to vote for!
    I can’t vote for Lib-Dems, Green, or any other ‘Remain’ faction. Neither can I vote for the Brexit Party if they stand in my constituency, because they would a) split the Leave vote, and b) have Communists like Claire Fox as a member (and MEP).
    I would like to vote ‘Tory’, but my MP voted ‘Leave’, but voted 3 times for Theresa May’s surrender, ‘vassal state’ Withdrawal Agreement, and I would never vote for a party that had restored the ‘whip’ to the ‘5th Columnist’ traitors within it, who will only come back to haunt it! And now it seems that several Tory ‘Remainer Quislings’ are leaving a perfectly sea-worthy ship, jumping before they are pushed by their own majority ‘Leave voting’ constituents that they dismissed as being ‘old, thick, white racists’!
    I like Boris, but don’t trust him, and his ‘deal’ isn’t Brexit. ‘No Deal’ is the only true Brexit!
    Like you, I may even vote for myself!
    Regards to all in the DPRB.

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    • beetleypete

      Ah, on opposite sides, but in a similar situation? We both prefer the complete No Deal departure, perhaps for different reasons. Fox is rather mad, I think. She has jumped on any bandwagon that gives her a voice and an income. I didn’t have much time for the RCP ‘back in the day’. I was too ‘old-school’ for them.
      I can’t imagine why you would actually like Boris, but I suppose someone has to. πŸ™‚
      If it was left to me, he would be dangling from a lamp-post in Whitehall.
      Cheers mate, Pete.


  3. arlene

    Oh my, politics is the same everywhere. Here we have a loser bongbong marcos for vice-president (son of the dictator) last 2016 election. He contested Leni’s win and the Election Tribunal made him choose three provinces for recount, he lost again and Leni Robredo even had additional votes. Now he wants three areas in Mindanao where he didn’t get votes for Comelec to nullify the election. When money speaks and ambition is a goal, one loses all sense of decency.

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  4. Ian Gibson Photography

    I was speaking to someone recently about not voting in elections. My argument was that not voting was making a political decision and was just as valid as voting for a candidate. He said that in that case, you’d have to turn up and spoil your paper. So wrap up warm, put your galoshes on and get spoiling!

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  5. toritto

    I heard about the snap election today and wondered what you would be thinking about it. Nobody left to vote for. We may be in the same boat next year over here – though I would vote for Trotsky before I would vote for the Donald or stay home. Besties and good luck.

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