A Parliamentary Fiasco

You may have seen on the news (all around the world) that the recent shut-down of Parliament by the execrable Boris Johnson has been declared illegal by the Supreme Court here. They had to go back to work, and yesterday we were treated to a shocking example of shouting, abuse, and general playground antics, from people paid a small fortune to ‘supposedly’ (and I use the term loosely) represent those in their constituencies who voted them into a wonderfully well paid job, with huge benefits and expenses.

They were shameful indeed. Bellowing at each other like angry school children, and bringing proceedings to a halt with cat-calling, hooting, and braying. If you were listening without watching, you might be forgiven for thinking that you had tuned in to a group of irritated donkeys.

Nobody was exempt, and all sides were culpable.

What they achieved, (and I use that word loosely too) was to show that not one of them deserves their cushy job in Parliament. They should all be shamefaced this morning, but I can guarantee not one of them is.

So I am left to be ashamed for them. And angry too. Despicable people, not worthy of their titles, their jobs, or their pay.

They should all be discharged, and swept away from public life.
Is it any wonder that this blog thinks Democracy is a sham?

Bring on the Dictatorship. The Dictatorship of me!

But we can all relax, because Princess Beatrice has got engaged. A royal wedding is coming in 2020.
Ah, doesn’t that make you feel all warm inside?



  1. wilfredbooks

    I didn’t watch or listen to the proceedings for more than the odd soundbite (and that was enough), so I can’t comment authoritatively, but I quite agree that a significant number of Members of that House are a disgrace, and do not deserve their privileged position or not inconsiderable salary & associated perquisites. As a republican, I find it ironically amusing how ‘royal’ hatches, matches & dispatches always seem to be conveniently available as distractions for the plebs………

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    • beetleypete

      Glad to hear that you are also not a fan of our ‘Royal’ parasites, Jon. I thought I was the last one left! 🙂
      I have a theory that Prince Philip is already dead, and they are saving his funeral for the next necessary ‘distraction’.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. democratizemoney

    I had to stop laughing when I got to the part about ” a wonderfully well-paid job, with huge benefits and expenses..” Here we have the same problems–they vote themselves benfits that none of the rest of has have. That should not be constitutional, legal or done. Then I laughed even louder when I got to the part about “A royal wedding is coming in 2020.
    Ah, doesn’t that make you feel all warm inside?” Poor Beatrice, she is used as a political distraction.

    Warmest regards, Theo

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