President Trump in Europe

As I have previously mentioned, I hold no brief for any American president, and have not liked a single one I have seen during my lifetime. Kennedy was an unfaithful womaniser, and a liar. Johnson was also a liar, and Nixon topped them both by taking blatant lying to a new level. Ford was unimpressive, Reagan seemed mad, (and lied) both of the Bush family are best forgotten, and Bill Clinton was a womaniser and a liar. (That again) Obama knew how to play the game, but kept few promises, and didn’t achieve much for people of colour, the poor, or women, all of which was expected from him.

So, that covers my life from the age of 9, until the year 2016. But one thing about all those former presidents is worth mentioning. They all knew how to behave in public. They understood the ‘game’, and how to play it on the international stage. Some may have been caught out with their sexual indiscretions, or behind the scenes deals and interference in other countries. But they spoke well, and (most of the time) appeared to be dignified, and statesman-like. They represented their country as we had come to expect them to, with concern for their allies, and suitable expression of the power behind their office, at least on the surface.

The along comes Donald Trump. He throws away the rule book. He has no class or style, treating his job as if he is the CEO of The World. He is a womaniser, and he lies, so no change there, but he doesn’t really hide either fact, preferring to boast about his conquests and bad behaviour like men drinking in a bar. He doesn’t know how to speak in public, let alone how to behave. By appealing to the lowest common denominator, he attracts a lot of support in his own country, whilst alienating almost every other country on Earth. Using his daughter as The First Lady is just too creepy for words. She always looks under control, never happy to be doing what she is doing. He goes to NATO and talks to other leaders as if they work for him, and are not being productive enough. Then he comes to Britain and upsets just about everyone you can think of, even those who want to be his friend.

In 2016, I thought he might learn. He was inexperienced as a politician, but obviously no fool, nor the buffoon he was painted in the press. He made clever use of social media, and could have used his business skills to learn from those around him, perhaps really making ‘America Great Again’. But he got rid of everyone who knew what they were doing, and replaced them with a succession of yes men and women who follow his lead. I have rarely seen such displays of arrogance from the leader of a powerful western nation, at least not since newsreels of Mussolini, or the overwhelming self-confidence and condescension displayed by Margaret Thatcher, when she was Prime Minister in the UK. He lives in a world he reinvents day by day, in his own head.

A note to America. You really should try to stop him leaving your country on these visits.



    • beetleypete

      He is great at ‘denial’, that’s for sure, Abbi. He just calls everything ‘Fake News’, even when he is shown saying it. It’s actually getting quite funny now, or would be, if he wasn’t in charge of a superpower.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. Elizabeth

    He thrives on disruption. As long as all eyes are on him, he is happy. He couldn’t care less about actual problems, solutions or diplomacy. Once you understand that he is simply a rather dimwitted narcissist, it makes more sense.

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  2. theshammuramat

    He demonstrates how the American political system is out of touch with the majority. We have a system here where two senators represent equally states with very low populations so they do not represent the majority of voters. We also have a system where the Republicans have gerrymandered (illegally changed) representative voting areas to include only Republican voters thus they have more representation in Congress. We have a Supreme Court that was meant to be apolitical but which has turned into a partisan body. We have a constitution which is out of date and does not take into account the modern world. Overall we were ripe for Russian interference because our political system is non representative and a minority of white rich male Republicans have controlled the majority of us for some time. We are ripe for change and perhaps Trump is the bomb that will make us wake up and smell the roses – though I doubt it.

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    • beetleypete

      Thanks, Felicity. That gerrymandering exists here too, under the seemingly-innocent name of ‘boundary changes’. Areas with lots of government supporters are broken into smaller constituencies, guaranteeing more seats for the Conservatives and their allies in Parliament.
      Best wishes, Pete. x


  3. fragglerocking

    I am a great believer in the world getting what it needs, and not necessarily what it wants or likes, and maybe in years to come we will see that because of Trump A,B & C happened followed by D. Hopefully the D is a good thing! 🙂

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  4. lobotero

    I apologize for our dear leader….he is an embarrassment to us all with the exception of the low IQ supporters….I think the real embarrassment will be this meeting with Putin….I will be writing about it for Monday……on a side note…thanx for being so good about visiting Gulf South Free Press…..I appreciate your loyalty….chuq

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