North Korea: Eating My Hat

I never thought the ‘summit’ between Mr Trump and the leader of North Korea would go ahead. I have said that before, and I am now admitting my error. Apologies to those I argued with. I had long considered this to be a ‘blind’ by the Americans, something they pretended to want to happen, but hoped never would.

I am man enough to accept that I was wrong. Some basic ‘agreements’ have been signed, and will hopefully be put into action. Let’s hope that the region will be free of the threat of nuclear war, and that the people of the DPRK can look forward to a slightly easier life. We may never know what was on the table, to get Kim Jong-Un to sign away all the things he had said he never would. But it doesn’t matter what has been given away, if it brings some peace to that troubled country, and its southern neighbour.

I don’t wear a hat, so you will just have to imagine I have eaten it.



  1. Ian Gibson Photography

    There is another reading of the summit.

    DPRK have agreed to work towards ‘denuclesrisation’ but for them, this means for the region. So removing US nukes from South Korea, Japan, and everywhere else nearby.

    Also, ‘work towards’ is a form of words which allows for nothing to happen.

    And Trump has used the word ‘provocative’ to describe the maneuvers in S Korea.

    All in all, it could be seen as a triumph for DPRK. Stage one is get some nukes. Stage two is drag Trump screaming and kicking to the negotiating table. Stage three is removing US nukes from the region whilst giving nothing of value away.

    A win win for Kim.

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  2. theshammuramat

    Just another example of a blowhard. First he insults our European allies who share our human rights values, then he embraces a dictator who executes people he doesn’t like with anti-aircraft guns. Imagine if he had gracefully acknowledged America’s friends and allies and then with a modicum of intelligence (hard since he doesn’t have any) said he was meeting with the dictator even though he acknowledges his human rights abuses, to try and make the world a safer place how those of us with moral values could then support him. No he needs some kind of political victory and he’s counting on the Nobel Peace Prize because Obama got one!

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    • beetleypete

      The Nobel Peace Prize is rather meaningless in the modern world I think, Felicity. If they award it to Mr Trump, that would be the final nail in its coffin, I suggest.
      Best wishes, Pete. x


  3. Eddy Winko

    Put on a very low oven and cook slowly for the next few years, even then you may have to check it a few times, alter the temperature and add more sauce over time, if you are lucky it won’t taste so bad, certainly not as you expected.

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  4. fragglerocking

    No Pete, save the hat. The Ung guy gave away nothing except platitudes, Trump wants to put hotels and golf courses on NK’s beaches when he stops being president. Oh, and sell him an armoured car to ride in, and he’s f**ked South Korea in the process. None of this is worth a hat.

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    • beetleypete

      Ah, you share my scepticism, Pippa. But at least it happened. I thought it was never intended to actually go ahead.
      Still, I would love to know what has been promised to Kim, behind the scenes. šŸ™‚
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      • PJR

        In the wake of yesterday’s EU Withdrawal Bill debate, do we also share concerns over the erosion of parliamentary power in UK? Back to pre-Bill of Rights cabal government??

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