Iran: All about one thing

The last few months (years, let’s face it) have seen a lot of antagonism focused on Iran. That country can’t seem to do anything right, in the eyes of others. Ever since the hostage crisis that ended in 1981, it has been vilified as the cause of so many problems, not only in that region, but the world over. If they couldn’t actually pin anything on the Iranians directly, they complained about the use of ‘Iranian-supplied weapons’, or ‘Iranian-backed troops’.

They didn’t mention all the Western-supplied weapons, or Western-backed troops. Oh no.

Remember the long war Iran fought against Iraq? It was from 1980-1988, to jog your memory. During that war, we all thought the Iraqis should win, and wanted the Ayatollahs in Iran to be defeated. Our governments did, anyway, and told us that was the preferred outcome. So we supported Iraq with weapons, advisers, and probably money too. Anything to see the end of Iran, or the regime that wasn’t on our side, as the former Shah had been. This despite the fact that it was conveniently forgotten that Iraq was the aggressor, as they sought to capture the rich oilfields of Khuzestan. At the end, nobody won, and over 1,000,000 troops and civilians were dead. But we don’t ever think about that, as we fill up our cars with fuel.

So once again, it was about oil. It was about oil then, and it is still about oil now.

What are those naughty Iranians up to now?

The US has withdrawn from a Nuclear deal that everyone else accepts was working, claiming Iran is not keeping its promises.
The US is now laughably blaming Iran for the 9/11 attacks, despite proof-positive that they were backed and organised by Saudi Arabia.
Iran is supplying arms to militant Palestinians in Israel.
Iran is supplying rockets that are being fired into Israel.
Iranian banks are ‘funding world terror’.
Iran has imprisoned a British woman on spurious charges.

There is more, but I cannot be bothered to list all the accusations.
Behind all of it, there is just one thing. Oil
It has always been about one thing, Ayatollahs or not. Oil
The Nuclear deal rejection is a smokescreen for? Oil.

The west wants Iran’s oil, and will stop at nothing to get it. That’s what all of this is about.
If you want to believe all the rest, then that’s up to you.



    • beetleypete

      When they were ruled by the Shah, everyone loved them as ‘exotic Persians’. Next thing we know, they are ‘devils’. It’s crazy indeed, Jack.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  1. Elizabeth

    Yes it is always about oil. In this particular case, however, I do think it is part of Trump’s determination to be the anti-Obama in everything. There is no bit of intellect in the man. Now he is suddenly worried about China losing jobs!!!

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    • beetleypete

      He has no visible intellect, and may be trying to dismantle Obama’s work, I agree. But long before he was in charge, it was still about oil, whoever was President. Libya = oil, Iraq = Oil, ‘saving Kuwait’ = oil, befriending the Saudis = oil. And the UK is as much to blame, with the French happy to help too. I just wish one of them would have the guts to say “We want your oil, and we are going to take it”.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. democratizemoney

    Actually, Trump withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Agreement because Obama negotiated it. If you look closely, Trump is out to dump everything Obama did–a very narrow view that man has (focused through his rectum).
    warmest regards, Theo

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  3. toritto

    Hi Pete -I like how the media characterizes Trump’s actions as “withdrawing” from the agreement. Actually we broke the agreement; violated it. Both Bolton and Pompeo, now in key positions have advocated regime change in Iran for decades. General Kelly, Chief of Staff is also an Iran hawk. The Marine general still blames the Iranians for the losses in the bombing in Beirut during the Reagan administration. All we did was clear the way for Netanyahu who attacked the Iranian supported positions in Syria the day after the announcement.

    We fail to see the bigger picture of the Sunni – Shia civil war which has allowed even Israel and Saudi Arabia to cozy up. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Best from Florida.

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  4. Eddy Winko

    I just wish it had run out like they said it was going to in the 70’s. But then its not so much oil as money!
    I was thinking that the only reason that the US was making such a fuss about Iran at the moment is because they want Israel to fight the proxy war in Syria, after all Russia seem to be quite pally with Israel, or at least have commutations between them, preventing the big confrontation that could otherwise be.
    Its a mad world, if only the black stuff that fuelled us all was Guinness and not oil πŸ™‚

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      • Eddy Winko

        I have had a try of Black Velvet, Guinness and Champagne, the port sounds right up my street and I just happen to have a bottle of ’89 waiting for an excuse πŸ™‚ Maybe when next we have friends over from Ireland…umm. Cheers!

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      • beetleypete

        It has to be bottled Guinness, and preferably vintage port. Port in first, which turns the froth red! It was a big tipple of mine, during the late 1970s. But it does your legs, believe me. Much nicer than adding champagne, I assure you. πŸ™‚

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