Nothing happening?

Politics tends to be quiet, at this time of year. But look between the headlines, and you may well discover that it is all still ‘happening’.

North Korea is making overtures. They say that they will negotiate the removal of their nuclear weapons, in return for talks on lessening sanctions, and a better relationship with the south. That might be a great thing to discover, if the DPRK actually had a viable nuclear weapons option, which they patently do not. Nice bluffing from Kim. Will that bluff be called?

The Brexit negotiations are apparently ‘bogged down’ over arrangements about a hard border, in Northern Ireland. That, and the argument over free trade, after we leave the EU. Anyone but the blind, and hermits, will realise that this is all just ‘Brexit stalling’, arranged by the pro-remain politicians who are laughably in charge of settling our withdrawal from the EU. Despite clarion calls to the contrary, it is looking more and more as if a ‘second referendum’ is likely, urging the British people to vote to stay in the EU, in all but name.

As the old saying goes, “Don’t piss in my face, then tell me it is raining”.

Mr Trump continues to play ‘silly buggers’, over in America. His latest wheeze is to threaten to impose trade tariffs, strangling imports of cars, steel, and other goods from countries outside the influence of the US. I don’t think he is mad, as many others assert that he is, but he is getting increasingly silly, that’s for sure.

People are still dying in Syria, every day. Assad is the leader of that country, like it or not. Most of his opponents are from fundamentalist Muslim groups, the kind of groups we are constantly fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet for some reason, in Syria, they are ‘good groups’, and Assad is the devil. Regime change is a slippery slope, as we have discovered in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries. Best avoided? Not in Syria, apparently.

So, as Mrs May hangs on for dear life to her job, Mr Trump continues to befuddle and confound, Assad seems to be winning in Syria, and Kim finally plays his ace in the DPRK; the EU try to cling on to British membership for fear of a collapse, and the Saudis remain unrestrained in their support of the terrorists, rest assured that everything is still very much ‘going on’.




  1. Elizabeth

    I don’t think our president is mad, but I do think he is really a television personality, interested only in ratings not in substance. He fits right in with other “reality” television here. Constant drama, turmoil, changing ideas, people coming and going. Tune in tomorrow for the next episode in “Life in The White House.”

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  2. GP Cox

    I thought I was sick of hearing about politics during the presidential election. It is even worse this year. The Democrats still can’t get over the fact that they lost. I just want to say – get over it!

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  3. arlene

    Talking of politics, we have the worse kind ever here. Now they want to unseat our Chief Justice so they could freely do their thing. Imagine, Congress is up in arms to impeach her. Kick-ass politicians. (Sorry for the vulgar slang Pete).

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  4. toritto

    We did have the Academy Awards last Sunday Pete!
    The Best Picture nod went to the one in which all the men are so bad the young woman has sex with a fish god. Hollywood loved it. Go figure. #Times Up! And that my friends was a summary of the happenings on this side of the Atlantic.
    P.S. – I can still go out and buy a dozen AR-15s.
    Best from Florida

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    • beetleypete

      Just as well I can’t buy an armalite, Frank. It’s on days like these that people think about using them.
      I’m glad The Shape of Water won. Anything to shut up that bloody awful Frances McDormand…
      Cheers mate, Pete.

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