Sheep and true democracy.

A great argument for leaving the EU, from someone who lives where such decisions matter, and are not just liberal Europhile niceties.

Looking back in sadness

It is fair to say I will never be described as saintly; I have never mastered piety, my good works, such as they have been, are mundane, and  I too easily slip into my vices. I imagine, that the majority of us, I am better described as a sinner than as a saint. However, over the past year and a half I have developed a saintly aspect, rather small but perfectly formed, I have developed the patience of a saint and I have needed it.

I live and work in a rural, agricultural part of the country where the majority of my neighbours, mainly farmers, voted in favour of Brexit. I tend, like my friends, to have liberal views and to be welcoming of change. I also voted in favour of Brexit. Since the referendum there has been a steady barrage of complaint – “How did you come to…

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  1. fragglerocking

    Totally sick of Brexit, no-ones happy, everyone feels hard done by, whatever ‘side’ people are on. Our government is incompetent the Euro lot are playing hard ball, no-one is trying to do it right. Fuk the lot of them, que sera,sera. At the end of the day Mother Nature is going to call the shots, we’re all doomed.

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    • beetleypete

      I once watched Brian Cox on the BBC astronomy show. He talked about how the sun will explode soon, and blow the earth into dust. Apparently, it is unavoidable. When I say ‘soon’, I mean in astronomy terms, like 200,000 years or something. However far in the future, it will all be gone. Every vestige of civilisation, all those works of art, and every book ever written.
      I thought about that for quite a long time. Compared to that, Brexit is no more than a pimple…
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      • fragglerocking

        I think we’ll be long gone before the sun explodes. I suppose they’ll invent proper space travel and save the hoity toities and leave the hoi poloi behind and it’ll start all over again on some poor unsuspecting habitable planet.

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