• beetleypete

        See how easy it is to comment on this site, Doug? You just click Post Comment. No spinning and whirring, no ‘timed out’, and no need to add your life history either. 🙂
        You KNOW it makes sense. “Back to Boomerrants”. That’s the next logo, I think…


      • Doug (FPS/DougLite.com)

        (sigh).. Yes, Pete… I hear your pleads and cries… and YES… I do not have to keep adding my info each time I post here. Chuq’s site I have to do that.. and others as well. but I don’t think it’s their problem.. it’s mine. I have been testing other themes. Patience is a virtue (although you have been patient). The thing is.. if I have to completely start from scratch on the standalone blog (FPS) and blow all that stuff away.. I loose all the past posts. The Boomerrants site is a WordPress-sponsored site and not as flexible for design. Yet having said that, the theme I have is very flexibie.. but very obviously has problems. I just don’t favor loosing past posts.. I’m working on it.

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  1. theshammuramat

    Love it! I’m a UK/American and Trump is the worst thing that has happened to this country. To politicize the deaths of eight people immediately after they died and start a twitter war with Schumer is disgraceful, and that’s only one of hundreds of things he’s done to hurt the image and people of this country. Whether you liked Obama or Bush or Reagan, they did not demean the office of President in the way Trump has, turning it into prime time entertainment. So dumping him is pro-American as far as I’m concerned and the sooner the better!

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    • greenpete58

      I think you said it best with “they did not demean the office of President.” While I strongly disagreed with Bush and Reagan’s policies, there was still a semblance of dignity, even while Bush/Cheney were starting their criminal war. In a more enlightened era, Trump would’ve been drummed out of office by now (actually, he would’ve never been elected, or even nominated). He’s an utter embarrassment.

      I usually claim to be American, but these days I’m Swiss.

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      • theshammuramat

        Smile – yes I do. I’m hoping Mueller will be able to do his job and that the legal system in the US shows us that the President is not above the law. We simply can’t rely on Congress at the moment to do that. Too busy taking money out of the pockets of the middle class as they high five each other around “trickle down.” You want to shout at them trickle down doesn’t work it’s been proved over and over again!

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  2. John R Liming

    I am pleased whenever I get a sense of who people are and where they stand on the issues. I find the “Logo” patently offensive, patently Anti-American — even though it might be protected under The First Amendment. I do not subscribe to either the premise portrayed by the logo or the resource from which it stems.

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  3. Ian Gibson Photography

    I’m not sure if I could say that I’d dislike Clinton as much as Trump, from my UK perspective I think she’d have been a better choice.

    It’s the age old electoral conundrum though; it doesn’t matter who you vote for, the politicians always win.

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