The Washington Circus

When Donald Trump became the President of The United States last year, he did so on the back of a lot of promises to the American people. Those who believed his promises tipped the balance, and he was elected. Perhaps the most powerful of those promises was the he would ‘Make America Great Again’.

Looking back over this new administration, it seems to me that he has reneged on all his promises. From building the ‘Mexican Wall’, to turfing out all the illegal immigrants, creating American jobs for American people, and that one about making America great again. He and his merry-go-round cabinet and administration appear to have achieved very little. He didn’t manage to repeal Obamacare, and has also made the running of the world’s most powerful country a laughing-stock. He did get in some spiteful laws concerning transgender people and abortion, removed his country from any serious attempts to cut pollution and fossil fuel use and has played a lot of golf. The shameless promotion of the members of his own family has left him wide open to accusations of nepotism and favouritism too.

Not since the confusion of Italian politics, or the pre-war governments of France, have we seen so much disarray in the running of a country. Trump has lost the support of many influential politicians in his own country, and his appearances on the international stage have been marked by his lack of statesmanship, and obvious lack of political experience. Pushing past other leaders of countries to get a good spot in a group photo, or stumbling over embarrassing speeches when centre stage. Rather than extricate his troops from conflicts around the world, he has presided over increases of boots on the ground, missile attacks, and threats of action against other countries. The promises to build the economy of his own country, and to adopt isolationist polices if necessary have all just faded away.

His use of Twitter during the election campaign was inspired. He connected with people using the social media platforms as they did. But he didn’t know when to stop. His Twitter tirades have assumed the style of a spoiled child, with a school playground mentality of name-calling and ‘yah-boo’. He has sacked the people best qualified to carry out important tasks in his administration, and replaced them with others unsuited to those roles. He attacks his own appointees publicly, and criticises members of his own party too.

On the BBC News today, an American political analyst was offering an overview of the recent events in Washington, and the defeat of the repeal of Obamacare. At the end of the report, the BBC presenter was chuckling. Thanking the analyst, he concluded, “well at least it is entertaining.” The American government has become something to laugh at. The President of the United States is acting like the chief clown in a Washington circus.

I wasn’t smiling along with him though. A circus might be entertaining, but it has no place in the running of the most powerful nation on Earth. A nation that could well take us all down with it.



  1. peteybee

    Trump is the product of our bizarre national politics, which had both parties’ true believers pick the candidate maximally detestable to the rest of the country.

    In Trump’s case, I think his main purpose was to be a backstop against Ted Cruz and the populist / “libertarian” / socially-very-conservative “tea party” faction which sprung up within the Republican party in 2012. Trump did stop Cruz, but they got a lot more than they bargained for.

    On the Democratic side, Clinton was so unpopular among Republicans and Independents, that she needed to find an opponent who was plainly repulsive and incompetent just to be competitive. One of the Podesta archive emails showed that Trump was the favored opponent of the Clinton campaign for the same reason. Again- they got more than they bargained for.

    I take this to be a sortof a final warning against the inner dysfunction in US politics.

    For the time being, an inactive federal government paralyzed by scandal is the best possible outcome. If Trump is impeached, we get VP Pence, whose policy positions as we know them are even worse, yet who is more competent and less outwardly insane.

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  2. johnrieber

    Regardless of your political point of view, our political system right now is a mess – although as in the past it will correct itself at some point. I also remind folks that The White House is a rental property, and the lease comes up every four years – here is a story I posted about some of our other scandals from Presidents past –

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  3. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Reading blogs of some American friends there is a growing groundswell that is not going to let this creature ruin the country. His lack of any political knowledge leaves him open to all manner of political tricks by the professionals, who I suspect are biding their time.
    Each democracy has its myriad faults (otherwise it wouldn’t be a democracy); yet one aspect working in the USA favour is its constitution which can be geared up at times of emergency and bring any fool tumbling down.
    Consider McCarthy.
    Consider flawed men who with their faults and demons attempted to do something positive only to fall when they let the demons take over; I’m talking about LBJ and Nixon. They seemed unassailable and still fell. Remember Newt Gingrich- gone.
    This is oaf is a bloated little creature who resides in his ego and is only in office because a substantial minority were so angry they voted for any non-professional or didn’t vote at all. He is not even up to the task of keeping a competent cabinet together and he would be no more able to deal with an international crisis. If he tried anything stupid you would see the first president forcibly removed from office.
    I’m just sorry for my American friends who have to suffer this buffoon.

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    • Doug (FPS/

      ..and buffoon he is.
      One of the great things of a democracy is that it doesn’t always have the results everyone would prefer. He got elected because of a rare quirk in the electoral process that very rarely (thankfully) allows a candidate to win the office and not have the popular vote (only a three or four times in US history). In this case it was a perfect storm… the electoral quirk combined with the worst possible candidate (there is also the usual voter apathy; if more people would have voted this might have made a difference). You’d think (hope?) Congress would finally get rid of the electoral process altogether, but not a priority; it’s a very tough sell to change stuff the Founding Fathers wrote down. Which. by the way, deserve our (American) honor and respect for the risks they took… but they were not and are not infallible gods.
      But…. thanks for feeling sorry for us nonetheless. 🙂

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      • Woebegone but Hopeful

        Like the Know Nothings & The Radio Priest to name but two, this foolish aberration will pass and the USA will continue.
        Personally I do not consider him a president, he does not have the moral currency or the alternative; the affability for the office. Thus the USA to my mind does not have a president simply an incumbent in the Whitehouse.
        Best wishes to you all.
        Strive on, seek out the common ground and bring the fool down.

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  4. Doug (FPS/

    To be sure the current events changing into some level of internal political crisis each day can be viewed as a level of entertainment from the world’s various vantage points. “Those quirky Americans, and their system of politics certainly do work on a different set of priorities.”
    I, too, worry that the White House will not be able to respond properly to the next international crisis or some devastating natural disaster given its own chaos and Trump’s inability to lead. We have no foreign policy (which in effect IS a foreign policy).. and our own president fails to value the input from his own agencies, hence he makes arbitrary nonsense decisions. Our politics is more divisive than it has been since likely our Civil War. Although we are no where near the level of killing each other, it’s tough getting the country’s business moving along.

    But here’s the thing the international community can take away from all this. While our politics is open to the world for judgement and/or entertainment, at the end of the day we still have our Constitution intact and within that document is also the plan by which the American “boat” gets righted and back on course. What you are watching from afar is temporary because that’s how our Constitution works. Yes, it’s unnerving watching a world power waver in it’s traditional role in the world. But our wavering will be short-lived because there is a basic strength in America, and Americans, in the process of democracy. We are only human.. and sometimes we can trip over our own importance in the world. Let “us” take care of the guy in charge. I’ve been around long enough to know our international friends and allies have no stronger friend and while I can only speak for myself rest assured there are a few more people over here that feel the way I do. When the boat gets righted again.. and it will… everyone will be talking about “The Return of America”.

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  5. By Hook Or By Book ~ Book Reviews, News, & Other Stuff

    Pete, you’ve hit this spot on. Unfortunately I think we’re all stuck with him at least until 2020. While the word impeachment keeps getting floated, as long as the Republicans are in control, that’s not going to happen.

    BTW, would you mind if I reblogged this? This really is brilliant and I thinks it’s especially interesting as you’re not from the U.S.

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  6. Eddy Winko

    Very true words Pete and your final line brings it home. However I’m still hopeful that ‘the system’ will bring him down before too long. Frustrating as it is to listen to the unbelievable truth that comes out of the US administration at the moment, I’m sure it will fail, please, please let it fail..

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