Trump’s hair

This is a short post about something that is causing me some concern.

Ever since Donald Trump first came to my attention, I have been fascinated by his strange hairstyle. Not just the colours, which are interesting enough in themselves, but also the strange way that he styles it to disguise any baldness, and to achieve what he must believe is something attractive to behold.

To be honest, I did wonder that anyone could take a man with hair like that seriously, let alone elect him to the most important office in the world. Had I been an American voter in 2016, I would never have been able to get past that hair, whatever his policies. It would have been a case of a vote lost for want of a hairstyle, that’s for sure.

When he was elected, I felt sure that he would modify his coiffure, and appear with something more dignified, and better suited to his important role on the world stage. But no, he carried on with the intricate combing-over of hair that resembled soft straw, seemingly unaware of how it enabled him to be further mocked.

Last week, I was watching him being interviewed by a reporter. He sat forward excitedly in his chair, like a teenager making a point that was important to him. His answers were full of contradictions, and he really didn’t come up with a convincing reply to any of the probing questions. The news moved on to a different story, and I forgot about it after a while.

Sometime later that evening, it occurred to me that I hadn’t noticed the President’s hair. After his 100+ days in office, it seemed that I was actually becoming used to this clownish style, and beginning to accept it as perfectly normal.

Now THAT is worrying!



  1. John Liming

    We used to have a puppet show here in America on the Telly and the name of the program featured a freckled wooden marionette named “Howdy Doody.” He never changed his appearance either but I am sure that at some time in the program’s history there was more than one person pulling the strings.

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      • John Liming

        Beg to differ! Red Flag Flying is ever so much more refined and classy (Noble) than my humble offerings but I will be using yours for inspiration and have, therefore, appropriated it for my blogroll. I have read about Trump’s hair and I find it a fascinating read. It made me wonder if his public hair might be bright orange as well and it also gave me the idea that there might be a market right now for the proper shade of mens’ orange hair coloring.

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  2. Cousin Ian

    Now you know why nobody took Michael ‘Worzel Gummidge’ Foot seriously as Leader of the Labour Party from 1980 to 1983!
    I bet Kim Jong-un is pissing himself laughing at Trump’s hairstyle as well!
    Regards to all in the DPRB.

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    • beetleypete

      Thanks, Ian. Poor old Michael Foot never stood a chance, did he? I would have liked to have seen Tony Benn as the leader back then. An intelligent man.
      Kim and Trump must share similar barbers! No mirrors…
      Love to all, Pete. x


  3. Eddy Winko

    Worried you should be! Accuse him of anything, mock his intelligence, ridicule his policies, even cast doubt of his very existence, but don’t mess with his hair. You are now a marked man, FBI, CIA, WTF, you are well and truly on the radar now.

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  4. Heyjude

    Likewise with Boris Johnson. I noticed in an interview with him the other night that he deliberately brushed his hair forward with his hand making it stick out all over. Really Boris? Does he think this ruffled childlike look endears us to him? He is an intelligent man, pity he has to look like a boorish oaf. I just wish professional people wouldn’t look so scruffy!!

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    • beetleypete

      Not only does Boris have (deliberately) untidy hair, his overall appearance is what a south London boy like me would describe as ‘looking like a sack of shit’. It is undoubtedly a contrivance, as he can well-afford a good haircut, better-fitting suits, and a shirt that doesn’t look like it has been picked up off of the bedroom floor. That might be all very well for an obnoxious back-bencher, but it doesn’t fly as Foreign Secretary.
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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