A bogus retirement

If you tune into any UK news media today, you cannot avoid the breathtaking news that the Duke of Edinburgh has retired from public life. Tributes to the 96 year-old are flooding in, and I am literally choking on a sea of superlatives and gushing praise. How many foreign trips he took. How many speeches he made. How many times he appeared in public. What a rock solid support he was for the Queen. And on and on. Oh, and on…

All of this exceedingly comfortable and well rewarded ‘hard work’ was for ‘our benefit’, apparently. Walking around behind your wife with your hands in your pockets, waving to a crowd from the interior of a Rolls-Royce, and muttering to film stars as you attend a premiere. It’s a miracle he lasted this long, with such arduous travails. Fighting to stay awake during boring banquets, and speeches in foreign languages might well be considered to be the ‘pit face’ in some circles. But not in mine.

In a country where basic living benefits are being withheld from the poor and the sick, and a huge percentage of the population are struggling to live on the minimum wage, and no-hours contracts, celebrating the idle life of this overpaid hanger-on is bordering on the obscene. While we are at it, let’s gloss over his racist remarks about ‘Chinky-eyes’, and ‘Darkies’ too. After all, he was only being amusing, and he’s married to the Queen.

To say he is retiring is a classic misnomer. You cannot retire from a job that was never a job. How can you retire from shooting wild birds, riding around in coaches, travelling from one luxury home to another, or cruising around on your sumptuous yacht? The man has not done a day’s work since he walked out of Westminster Abbey with the Queen on his arm, in 1947.

In case you hadn’t guessed, I am not a Royalist.



  1. Kate McClelland

    Hahahaha. I am also not a fan. The fact that an upgrade to Buckingham Palace for £350 million has been approved when the government tells us there’s no money. They keep going on about how it’s good for tourism – the palaces are still there, the contents are still there, it’s not like they are going to actually meet any royals when people visit.
    Sick people are having their payments cancelled because they’re found ‘fit for work’ for them to die a few weeks later. It’s beyond contemptible

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    • beetleypete

      Sorry, Arlene. I detest the whole concept of Royalty, and rule by privilege. I would like to see the Royal Family and all the Aristocracy scrapped. But I am in the minority in this country, as they enjoy saturated media coverage.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. lobotero

    Surprisingly….we colonials fought a war to be rid of the royals and we still spend more time worrying about their lives than our own…..his announcement is playing big here as well….time to let Charley step up and do something, eh? chuq

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  3. toritto

    Heehee. As my wife would tell our daughters -“It’s just as easy to love a rich man as a poor one. In fact, it’s easier!”

    Old Louis Mountbatten made sure his protégé latched onto the Princess Elizabeth and never let go. Smart move indeed!

    On the other hand, my offer to trade the Donald for Prince Harry still stands. After all, you’re not using him right now.

    Best from Florida.

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