North Korea: Ramping up the tension

Judging by some news reports today, things are getting very heated between the US and North Korea. President Trump has called for a meeting of Congress, and the North Koreans are making ever-more threatening speeches, including suggesting the possible use of nuclear weapons.

Fairly normal events, like the visit of a US submarine to South Korea, something that happens often, are being seen as ‘escalation’ by both sides. North Korean artillery exercises, said to be a ‘celebration’ of the army, are seen as displays of aggression. China is getting nervous. They have asked the US directly not to attack the DPRK, which shows at least some belief that they expect the Americans are about to do just that. China suggests approaching the United Nations, and asking for their approval for military action. Russia has been quiet about the escalation in the region, at least today.

So, what can we conclude? Is Mr Trump really going to launch an attack on Pyongyang, and military targets such as airfields and installations around that country? That appears to be becoming more than a possibility, which makes it a probability. Will the North Koreans retaliate? (Always assuming they have a chance to) That’s almost a certainty. Should the rest of us be worried? Potentially.

If this was two dogs fighting on a hot summer day, someone would throw a bucket of water over them.
We are going to need a lot of water…



  1. Cousin Ian

    Sadly, the last North Koreans to find out that they are going to die will be the 99% of the population that have systematically been kept starving, oblivious to the ‘real world’ outside their country, and force-fed their leader’s bull**** propaganda, probably for their whole lives! Imagine being barred access to your ‘air-raid shelter’ at gunpoint because it’s being used to house Kim’s Ferraris and vintage champagne collection!
    However, from the ‘Trump’s menace to the US and the world’, ‘Trump’s dead-baby pictures’ and ‘America’s 100% to blame’ comments that have been posted, I must ask the question;
    Why do liberals and the Left-wing want this potential ‘Armageddon’ to reflect more catastrophically on President Trump and America yet, seemingly, post no comments to describe their compassion for the fate of the ‘Proletariat’ that they always champion?
    The DPRK’s propaganda machine will always ensure that not one American Cruise Missile will ever fall on a military target; they will always destroy a hospital or a school or a ‘baby-milk factory’, as they always did under Saddam Hussein’s regime!!
    America is not to blame for this, and I’m not even an American. Trump is not to blame for this, and I couldn’t even vote for him! I just feel sorry for the oppressed human beings that, through no fault of their own, were born in a totalitarian Communist dictatorship!

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    • beetleypete

      Thanks, Ian. I was only just wondering how you were, as I was walking the dog, last Sunday.
      Now I am sure you would be quite happy in MY Communist totalitarian dictatorship.
      We could have a ‘Johnson’ dynasty, and make the Kims look like amateurs.
      Cheers mate, love to the family. Pete.

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      • Cousin Ian

        My regards to the citizens of the ‘Democratic Peoples’ Popular Republic of Beetley ‘! I imagine that you will, Kim Johns-Un, using your informers, be rounding up the local proletariat to discover the network of “5th-Columnists” responsible for repatriating the ‘Beetley Bra’ to its rightful owner!
        I only hope that the innocent aren’t forced to march off to ‘Stalag Hoe-Rough 3’ whilst chanting your name! I shall merely sit in the ‘Cooler’ humming ‘The Great Escape’!
        Don’t tell him, Pike!

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  2. democratizemoney

    It is a paradox. One want one person making the decisions in a response situation, but not in an initiating situation. In any event, one wants a cool head a the helm. Oops, both sides loose there too. Someone, please throw these guys pacifiers, flavored ones.
    Warmest regards, Theo.

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  3. Doug (

    Well… if Trump starts a hot conflict over there he will have his fill of dead baby pictures for sure. Who do you launch a Tomahawk at then?

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  4. By Hook Or By Book ~ Book Reviews, News, & Other Stuff

    Two mentally unstable dogs fighting. I’m getting more and more anxious about this, but I can’t say I’m surprised. I had a feeling something like this was going to happen when Trump was elected. I know I said quite a few times in my own Trump-centric posts that he’s not only a menace to the U.S., but also to the rest of the world, and this is one example of why.😒

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  5. toritto

    Hi Pete – Certainly China is nervous but the South Koreans are in panic mode and there was an article here yesterday that wealthy Japanese are building nuclear shelters as they are in range of N.K. missiles. Great world we live in! Best from Florida.

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