Theresa May calls a General Election

We all woke up to some surprising news this morning. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has called an election in June, just a few weeks away. She could have stayed on until 2020, under the rules in the UK, but instead has chosen to put her policies, and her un-elected leadership, to the voters of Britain, three years early.

The BBC reports this as a ‘surprise decision’, and as you might imagine, there is nothing else being reported in our media at the moment. But is it a surprise? Well, not to me at least, and I suspect that anyone who spends any amount of time being interested in politics is unlikely to be surprised either.

There has rarely been a time in this country when the opposition to the sitting government has been less effective. With the constant attacks on the leader of the official opposition, The Labour Party, by almost every media source, and many in his own party, it appears unlikely that Jeremy Corbyn has any hope of winning. If he does fail to do so, he will probably be forced out anyway. The Liberal Democrats also have their least effective leader in decades, so are not going to pose any threat. As for the nationalists, UKIP, their only elected members are deserting that party as fast as they can get their jackets fastened, and they have little impact in this country anymore.

As for the Scottish Nationalists, they will continue to go on about independence, Brexit, and asking for another referendum. They may enjoy a huge majority in their own country, but have little effect on the UK overall. The Conservatives enjoy one of their biggest leads in the polls for a very long time. Despite all the hoo-hah about Brexit, and talk of a ‘divided nation’, we have to face the fact that the current Conservative government is generally regarded to be doing a good job of running the country, like it or not.

In 2016, we all saw that polls could no longer be trusted though. The June election might appear to be a done deal already, with Mrs May sweeping back into power, confident in her popularity.

But you never know. Not any more…



  1. Heyjude

    We have decided we want to move. To Mars! I have never voted Conservative in my life, but to be honest Theresa May does seem to be making a decent fist of leading the Brexit process (never thought I would use that word either) and I can’t see Corbyn or Farron being in the least competent. As for the SNP I am SO fed up of her bleating on about Scottish independence. I can’t see myself how they would survive, but I wish they’d just do it so we can have a reprieve from all the constant whinging! But on the subject of the NHS, Education and the Public Sector, none of them have ever fared well under a Conservative government. Did I mention moving? Or perhaps Cornwall could build a wall…

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    • beetleypete

      I feel your pain, Jude. I would sooner bite my own arm off, than ever vote Conservative, but she is the best leader they have had for as long as I can recall. I predict another win, with a much smaller majority, then a ‘watered down’ Brexit. Something she has been angling for all along, I suspect.
      Best wishes, Pete. x


  2. democratizemoney

    I wonder if the early election is an attempt to interfere with the leadership choices of the opposition? If the looser looks bad and has to go, it well may be exactly that, gain another 5-year mandate and get rid of a leader in the other camp.
    Warmest regards, Theo

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    • beetleypete

      It is the best option for her tactically, no doubt about that. Her only gamble is not being able to accurately gauge the current instability of the electorate here.
      I just know that the BBC is going to drive me half-crazy with constant speculation now…
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. fragglerocking

    I sadly feel it doesn’t matter how I vote up here in the North East- we have 29 MP’s across the region 26 are Labour, with 3 Cons in Hexam,Berwick-upon-tweed & Stockton. I would be very surprised if that changes as it has more or less been this way since Labour was invented! I think it’ll be what happens in the rest of the country that changes things, or not.

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    • beetleypete

      Much the same here, with the Tories in almost every seat in Norfolk, since the beginning of time. The big cities seem to make the only real difference in elections. I fear that a nation tired of the Brexit process will be rather apathetic to another election (of any kind) so soon.

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  4. Eddy Winko

    This was news to me, I will no doubt read more soon, but as you say maybe not that much of a surprise given the circumstances.
    I wonder if anybody would have the nous to try and oppose the conservatives on a remain stance? After all nearly half of the UK wanted to stay in the EU and lets face it even 35% is good enough to get you a majority in the house given the voting system.
    That would be a real dilemma for you 🙂

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    • beetleypete

      As I understand it, Article 50 is irreversible at the moment. However, a determined Remain government could easily negotiate a fast return to the EU, I’m sure. It will no doubt be the main point that this election is fought on, as it will hide so many of the burning social issues that really matter.
      As for me, I expected Brexit to be overturned at some stage anyway, so that would be something else that didn’t surprise me at all.
      Cheers mate, Pete.


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