The Independence Game

We are hearing a lot about independence these days. Britain seeking independence from the EU, Scotland seeking another try at independence from the United Kingdom, and a lot of people in Northern Ireland seeking to join the republic of Ireland, and gain independence from Westminster.

It wasn’t that long ago that the Scottish people had their chance to leave the United Kingdom. They had a referendum in 2014, but chose to stay in, by a majority of 55% to 45%. We didn’t hear any rumblings from Northern Ireland either, not until the decision to leave the EU last year. Now the republican Sinn Fein party has had surprising success in local elections there, with its stated objectives of becoming part of Ireland, and remaining in the EU. They are calling for their own referendum to leave, just as the Scottish Nationalists are also demanding to be allowed a ‘second go’ themselves.

It is no secret that both these regions benefit greatly from being part of the EU. Huge grants and subsidies keep them going, and these are unlikely to be matched once Britain formally leaves the EU, in a few years from now. Pundits cry about the break-up of the United Kingdom, and the end of the Britain we have known for centuries. But I have a suggestion.

Just give them independence. Don’t waste money on elections and referenda, pick a date, and tell them from that moment that they are independent. If they want, they can try to become members of the EU in their own right. In Northern Ireland this will be easy, as Ireland is already a member. But let’s see how Scotland manages with the Euro as their currency, and a foreign country (England) along their southern border. Let’s see if Ireland is happy to pay the benefits for the 5.5% of unemployed people in the six northern counties, and to police the sectarian troubles that will flare up once all this happens. Let’s see if Scotland can get the EU to fund its own 5.3% unemployed, and manage to pay a membership contribution at the same time.

They would do well to look at some modern examples of ‘Independence’. All those Balkan countries who sought independence from Yugoslavia. The Baltic States who wanted to regain sovereignty from the Soviet Union, and so many more. Their people are now picking crops for less than minimum wage in Britain and other European countries. Living four to a room, and being exploited by gang-masters. Their young women are being trafficked into prostitution in Europe, to cater for the sexual appetites of Germans and Britons, as well as others. Talk to them about the wonders of independence.

It would not bother me if Northern Ireland became part of Ireland, or Scotland became an independent country. England may no longer be that ‘green and pleasant land’ immortalised in the hymn. It has its own problems to sort out, but I am pretty sure we can manage to do that without Scotland, or Ulster.



  1. Heyjude

    …followed by Wales, Cornwall and Yorkshire! I always thought Yorkshire could be independent. It has a coastline, a port, fishing industry, holiday resorts on the east coast, the Dales, the North Yorks Moors, and the Pennines to hike in, a fabulous capital city – York – agriculture, horse racing, a finance centre – Leeds – culture from the Brontes, the Vikings and Dracula AND it used to have a thriving coal and steel industry and textile industry! And then along came Maggie…

    I quite like Theo’s idea 😀

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  2. democratizemoney

    Why not have England have a vote to leave the UK. That might spark some rethinking in the other components of the UK.
    That way, you get to have the fun of a referendum; and, you are in control of the outcome rather than waiting for others to vote.
    Warmest regards, Theo

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  3. Doug (

    Good post, Pete! I mean.. being just another self-centered American who typically self-consumes his own ideology and to hell with the rest of the world… I do know some of what you are speaking because I actually try not being just another self-centered American.. Ha..
    ..but.. I liked your post because of it’s “shit or get off the pot finally” perspective toward those political entities who think they will find some sort of Nirvana declaring independence. 🙂

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    • beetleypete

      Indeed I will, Frank. It took two hours on the computer, and three long phone calls, but I will be getting my state pension from the 22nd of March. However, they changed the law in April 2016, capping the maximum payment. I was due to get a fair bit each month, based on increased contributions over the years. Then the cap came in. Instead of £1,010 a month, I will only get £606. They robbed me of £400 a month until I die, and they didn’t even wear a mask and point a gun at me!
      Talk about rage and frustration…
      Regards, Pete.

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      • toritto

        Yikes! Normally here when wanting to cut social security pensions it is phased in over many years so that those who are close to retirement age are unaffected. For example it might be legislated that for those 45 years old their expected pension at age 65 will be reduced from what they thought it was going to be. They have 20 years knowing that they will not get what they originally expected.

        That of course was BT – Before Trump.

        Sorry. Happy birthday. Live long enough on spite and collect from the bastards anyway.


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      • beetleypete

        We have already had the ‘extensions’, Frank. I just missed that, luckily. Julie should have got her pension when she turns 60, but has to wait until she is 67! They robbed my additional contributions payment because they couldn’t get me in the extensions net!
        Regards, Pete.


  4. lobotero

    You and I sound the same tune…there are a couple of states that talk about session from the Union….I said no to a referendum….just let them go then see how it all works out without the central government cash….I wish I knew more about the EU and will as soon as I can find some time to do some studying…until then I look to my readers for their input….BTW…thanx….chuq

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