Leave him alone now

After this morning’s post on this blog about the Labour leadership, I have just watched the results of the election live on the BBC News.

Jeremy Corbyn not only won by a huge margin, he increased his majority since the previous election in 2015. It could not have been more decisive. He then made a very good speech about unification in the party, and all the members working together in the future.

A soon as the applause died down, the BBC political reporters were circling like vultures on a carcass. They sought opinion from disgruntled Corbyn opponents, and then tried to get his supporters to agree that this would cause further division in the Labour Party. What should have pertinent and possibly interesting questions degenerated into a veiled attack on Corbyn once again, attempting to put words into the mouths of those being interviewed.

I watched this with growing discomfort. Supposedly impartial BBC journalists kept asking people’s opinions, until they got the responses they were looking for, rather than reporting what those interviewed were actually saying. One brief report from a Corbyn supporters rally was soon curtailed, as they did not receive the negative answers that they were looking for.

I do not necessarily support Corbyn, and I am not a member of his party (or any other). But I am just tired of the media, and in this instance the BBC, attempting to create division and to invent news, instead of reporting the facts.

The man has won. And he has won convincingly, despite your failed campaigns to derail him.

Now let him get on with his job, and leave him alone.



  1. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Now that Jeremy Corbyn has won fair and square as the old saying goes; it is up to his followers to support him by convincing the public that a Labour manifesto is in their interests. This does mean that a very vociferous minority need to grow up and stop acting like the mirror image of the BNP (or whatever they call themselves these days) on social media or sometimes in public; they are a gift to the Tories. Dialogue and erudite statements of commitment are needed here on in. Say why Labour policies are good, never mind what the others are saying (they can dig their own graves!)


      • Woebegone but Hopeful

        Indeed Pete.
        The time for insults and tirades in all directions is over. Some old fashioned ‘preaching’ not to the converted but the undecided and the disillusioned is needed.
        I lurk in the latter category, but would be only to happy to be proven wrong.
        Best wishes to you to Pete


    • beetleypete

      I hold no brief for the Labour Party. After all, they expelled me for being too militant!
      Nonetheless, I welcome a return to the socialist policies that they once espoused. Albeit watered down, and potentially ‘unelectable’.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      • Woebegone but Hopeful

        One of the ‘fallout’ effects for the Thatcher era was Labour getting back at any cost (on the shaky basis that the alternative was so much worse).

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  2. democratizemoney

    It is all about the ratings. People watch soap operas for the discord. Media outlets have to pay good money for actors, scripts, directors and a whole host of workers to get the discord to get the ratings for soap operas. Political discord is offered off with only minor production costs. The media uses the free discord to get ratings. Indeed, the media may even stir the pot, just a bit.


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