That’s it then.

OK, it’s official. I am tired of the repercussions following the vote to leave the EU. I don’t care who the Tory leader is, and I don’t care who the Labour leader is either. I have never voted for the former, and I was expelled from the latter. They can all ‘do one’, as far as I am concerned. No more from me on this subject. It has split families, and divided a nation. I might say, ‘All the better for that.’ Nothing so important has happened since the English Civil War, in 1642.

But what do I know? I am just a moany old person of no consequence; retired from work, and unlikely to live to see the repercussions of the vote. Either way. I am pretty fed up with it all, to be honest. The side that won doesn’t seem to be able to present a cohesive argument, and the side that lost has thrown their teddy out of the pram. Get on with it, without me. Do what you want, I won’t comment.

At least people got off of their arses and voted. That must count for something? Maybe not.

I just can’t be doing with it, any longer.



  1. toritto

    I know just how you feel cranky old man! I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore about what is going on here either. Then planet won’t get too hot before I go and we won’t run out of gas. Let the young do something about it.


    Regards from Florida


    • beetleypete

      Pass on the responsibility, Frank. I worked my ass off for all of my life, trying to do better. Let’s see if they can improve on that! I doubt it.
      Cheers, Pete.


      • Eddy Winko

        Ok, one last stab at it. I reckon it’s all set up by the finance industry. After all they are responsible for a good chunk of the UK GDP and as such hold the cards. So they push the Tories into the referendum to get us out of the EU, why? Because the EU want to control the flow of imaginary money that turns so many wheels. So get out of the EU so that the UK can set it’s own laws on finance and remain the world leader, whilst letting the people think they have power…but no, that’s as far as it will ever go, laws will be back in the hands of the UK, nothing else will change. The rich get richer, the poor just keep watching programs on the telly (unless you live in Beetley) about ‘how we was robbed of our democracy’ and the Poles keep picking your potatoes!

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      • beetleypete

        Thanks for your thoughts, Eddy. I have switched off now. Fed up with the accusations from the liberals and the intelligentsia, and thinking of over-eating, then joining the BNP. Fulfilling my apparent destiny? (Or just dying. That’s easier…)
        As for the hard-working Poles, they are welcome to this green and pleasant land, and the spuds!
        Cheers mate, Pete.


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