EU Referendum: The Irish Connection

The panic over the EU referendum continues. This week, the Irish Prime Minister was recruited to throw his hat into the ring, on behalf of the ‘Stay’ campaign. So we have had Obama, Angela Merkel, and The World Bank getting involved. In addition, we have Merchant Banks, and the Canadian head of The Bank of England, all urging the UK to vote to stay in. Then the Irish PM arrives, with the sanction of the British government, to urge all the Irish people in the UK to vote to stay in.

We have over 1,000,000 people in the UK who claim some Irish descent, or are actually Irish passport holders. As well as these individuals, we are also (amazingly) allowing EU citizens resident here (Poles, Lithuanians etc,) to vote in the forthcoming referendum. Ireland wants us to stay in. Of course they do. They can travel a short distance to the UK province of Northern Ireland, and enjoy shopping for much cheaper goods.

These people are essentially ‘foreign nationals’, but they are allowed to vote in our elections. This sums up everything that is unacceptable about the EU, and the laws that govern it. What other country allows outsiders to vote in their elections? Do I have a vote for Sanders in the US elections? Of course not. I am not an American. Can I vote for a moderate government in the Philippines. Not a chance. I am English, not Filipino. Do I even have a vote closer to home, for the Irish parliament? No, because I do not live there. The frustrations attached to this for British voters can only be imagined. We are at the mercy of foreign nationals, with vested interests to protect.

I want to punch my own face in frustration. No other country in the world would allow outsiders to determine their fate in a national election. So why do we allow it?

Because of EU rules.

Is it any wonder that I want to get out of this failed system?



  1. 2581john

    Pete, I saw that on tv and struggled to resist the urge to kick the TV. I was at mums so had to behave. I seem to remember King Charles I employed an Irish army to put down English rebels and look what happened to him. Mr Cameron would do well to consider the past… No nation suffers external interference for ever. Interesting days. K


    • beetleypete

      Cheers, Keith. I was on my soapbox that day, I can tell you. Apparently, ‘residence’ is the qualification to vote, not ‘citizenship.’
      I think that’s complete bollocks of course, and wouldn’t even think about voting if I lived in a foreign country. Despite the ‘Remain’ campaign setbacks, I have a bad feeling that we will be staying in…
      Take care, and love to all. Pete. x


  2. Cousin Ian

    I refer you to the last paragraph of my comment to your post ‘The EU: A Referendum conundrum’.
    The results of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest were a dire warning!
    Regards to all, Ian.


  3. Eddy Winko

    I’m getting the feeling that you may be a little upset Pete?! You will be pleased to know that, having conducted my own survey of friends and relatives, the UK will be voting to leave. If only I could vote to tip the balance back the other way.

    Liked by 1 person

    • beetleypete

      Talking to people in the countryside, and in small country towns, I agree that you get the idea that most will vote to leave. However, national polls show the ‘Remain’ vote well ahead, by at least 5-10%. This is more so in the under-40 age group, and with students, women, and in the big cities. I fear that the northern Winko Clan might not be enough to get us out!
      (You could probably have applied for a postal vote…)
      Cheers mate, Pete.


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