EU Referendum: The scaremongers are gathering

Only a couple of weeks ago, the government was pleased to announce that there were record numbers of workers in employment, here in the UK. The politicians pointed to their successful economic policies, a growth in trade, and increased opportunities in the service sector. Everyone from the Chancellor to the lowest junior minister, took any opportunity to appear on TV, making a soundbite about the success of the Conservative administration.

Today’s news, after only a matter of days, is very different. It would seem that employment figures are falling rapidly, and that there are less people in employment today, rather than more. What can be the reason for this catastrophic reversal, during the same month? According to the pundits and ‘spokesmen’, it is fear of Britain voting to leave the EU. Employers are refusing to take on new staff, as they are terrified of what will happen to their companies or industries should the unthinkable happen, and this country votes to leave Europe.

Keen to add more voices of panic, the Americans are chiming in too. On the same day as the drastic news is issued by our government, a chorus of disapproval travelled from across the Atlantic, as US politicians lined up to issue more dire warnings about the fate of this country, should we leave the EU. President Obama was enlisted too, voicing his grave concerns about Britain’s possible departure. He is due to visit the UK soon, when no doubt he will reinforce these comments.

So everyone is lining up against leaving. Employment figures are being flung around like so much meaningless confetti, and foreign observers are all coming out on the side of those who wish to stay in. I imagine that more ‘big guns’ will soon be added to these harbingers of woe.

If they are all so worried about us voting to get out of Europe, that leaves me with one firm conclusion. We should definitely do just that.



    • beetleypete

      I think the vote will be well in favour of staying in, but I live in hope…
      Polish citizenship might come in handy if you ever find yourself in a hijacked aircraft mate!
      Cheers, Pete.


  1. 2581john

    Peter, I am amazed that the leaders of the IN campaign have failed to notice the subliminal message of their negativity. It would seem that a significant number of cross party MPs including the current PM, feel that, should the British people vote to leave, they as leaders and professional politicians believe they are simply not good enough to lead us in competition against the politicians of Europe and thus we should remain in the EU for fear of what will happen to us all.


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