Taking Trump seriously

I don’t claim to be an expert on American politics, far from it. I subscribe to the theory that there is very little difference between rich Democrats, and rich Republicans. Even the somewhat surprising election of a black president seems to have done little to advance the fortunes of people of colour in that vast country.

American politicians of any party always appear to be more interested in getting involved in countries overseas, rather than sorting out their domestic problems first. World dominance, control of natural resources, and punishing those who are not friends of the USA, has been the priority of all administrations since the end of WW2. As for a Socialist, or Left-Wing alternative, it seems to be largely non-existent, at least in any numbers sufficient to make any real change. In Europe, Bernie Sanders might be considered to be a lukewarm conservative politician. In the current presidential race in America, he seems to be thought of as the ‘Hard-Left’ option. To those of us in countries that still have some genuine left-wing politicians, this might seem laughable. If it wasn’t for the alternatives.

It is realistic to assume that Hilary Clinton will get the Democratic nomination, and might well become the first woman to be elected to the presidency. Any belief that this will make a difference to the lives of women in the US, the poor, the unemployed, or the immigrant communities, is unfounded. She will continue to represent big business, old money, and overseas ambitions. It will just be situation normal, but wearing a dress. Her hands will be tied by a majority Republican Congress, in a system that makes a mockery out of caring which party actually wins on the day. In the UK, Donald Trump is often considered to be a figure of fun, with no hope of getting the Republican nomination. Whether he doses or not, the damage he is doing on the way deserves to be be looked at.

Like the old Fascist dictators of the past, Trump is appealing to the lowest common denominators; ignorance, and self-interest. He claims to be saying what others are thinking, but we have no way of knowing if they are thinking that because of what he is saying. Racism, Xenophobia, Misogyny, Fear; these are all the weapons in his arsenal. Gun Control, Refugees, anti-Communism, and America for the Americans; (the white Christian ones, anyway) these are his rallying cries to the baying audiences that attend his rallies, or watch his speeches on TV. Trump has bought his way to this platform, let us consider that. His personal wealth has enabled him to fund TV advertisements, Internet broadcasts, publications, and personal appearances. This would all be denied to anyone but the obscenely wealthy, and has little or nothing to do with the party political system, or involvement in causes or good works.

It is feasible that this odious man could actually purchase the presidency of the most powerful country in the world, just because he can afford to do so. Are you worried now?



  1. Cousin Ian

    This reminds me of a question posed many years ago, but not by me. “Let’s imagine: It’s time to elect a world leader, and your vote counts.”
    Which would you choose?
    Candidate A: Consults with astrologists, has had two mistresses, chain-smokes and drinks 8 to 10 Martinis a day.
    Candidate B: Was kicked out of office twice, sleeps until noon, used opium in college, walks around naked and drinks a quart of brandy every evening.
    Candidate C: A decorated war veteran, vegetarian, non-smoker, drinks occasionally, loves animals and hasn’t had any extra-marital affairs.
    Congratulations to the huge number of people who voted ‘C’! What a nice bloke!
    A is Franklin Roosevelt. B is Winston Churchill.
    C is Adolf Hitler!
    Yes, Trump may be an odious Republican, but let’s look at some of his ‘Presidential’ predecessors.
    JFK. Democrat. Adulterer. Drug addict. Allegedly had his Presidency bought by his father ‘Joe’, who was an anti-Semitic serial adulterer with alleged links to the Mafia during ‘Prohibition’.
    Lyndon B Johnson. Democrat. Escalated American involvement in the Vietnam War, ultimately factionalizing the Democratic Party and leading to electoral defeat.
    Nixon. Republican. Resigned before he could be ‘impeached’ over the Watergate scandal.
    Ford. Republican. First and only person to serve as Vice-President and President without having been elected to either office. Pardoned Nixon for Watergate.
    Reagan. Republican. A former Hollywood actor. Bombed Libya. Iran-Contra affair.
    Clinton. Democrat. Impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice over the Monica Lewinsky scandal. His wife, Hilary, knowing which way up ‘her bread was buttered’, didn’t have the integrity to leave him, and is now a front-runner for the Democratic Presidential nomination against Trump.
    Bush Jr. Republican. Widely regarded as an idiot. Started 2nd Gulf War, the first one having been started by his father. Authorised the CIA to use ‘waterboarding’ as a legitimate interrogation technique.

    Let’s face facts. They’re all odious in their own way.
    Yet there are still people in Britain who want to see it become a Republic!!!!
    So maybe there’s a Candidate ‘D’ for ‘World Leader’.
    Female, married, faithful, occasional drinker, who has kept her own counsel and hasn’t started a war. Animal lover, adored by millions around the globe, who generates millions of pounds for the British economy, yet is vilified for the ‘sins’ of her predecessors.
    Candidate D: Queen Elizabeth II.

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    • beetleypete

      Great stuff, Ian. You should definitely do a ‘Royalist’ blog! My candidate for world leader is a retired 63 year-old ex-Londoner, currently living in Norfolk, who owns a dog called Ollie. If that doesn’t narrow it down enough, his first name should be Pete, and he will be married to someone called Julie.
      I’ll sort ’em out for you!
      As for the US presidents, all as bad as each other, I fully agree.
      The Royals? We are going to have to disagree on that one mate, as I am sure you are fully aware.
      Cheers mate, love to all the family. Pete. x


      • Cousin Ian

        Thanks, Pete. Politics aside, but based on personality, I’d vote for you! Nepotism is an ugly concept, but you’ll surely have a vacancy for Minister of Defence! I currently find myself available!
        If you haven’t already, I’d suggest you watch all 7 seasons of ‘The West Wing’, not least for the outstanding performances of all of its cast. It’s an excellent insight into the American political system, although you have to be an American to understand a lot of its cultural references. Martin Sheen plays a Democrat President and, politics aside, I would have voted for him as well.
        Regards to all, Ian.

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      • beetleypete

        That Defence Chief chair has your name on it, mate. I might consider making Keith the Chief of Police as well. The trouble is, if I surround myself with all those Royalist relatives, I will be in danger of being ousted by a coup!
        I have never seen The West Wing, so will take your recommendation on board. I know it was huge at the time, and Martin Sheen always reminds me of Kennedy, so he was a good choice.
        Cheers, Pete.


  2. Ros

    This is why I’m not a Republican. Whilst I can see everything that is wrong with a system that allows one to inherit a title and its accompanying wealth and power, I can’t help feeling it’s no worse than having someone in power who really, really wants to be there – and hence puts (or frequently buys) themselves into the position of seeking votes. One of the best rulers we had last century was the king who really didn’t want to be in that position.

    The real problem with humanity is the inequalities in wealth – the crazy idea that some people are worth more than others (which is effectively what is being said when a company director is paid so much more than the lavatory cleaner). I don’t know what the answer to this is. Certainly, the communism that frightens the Americans to death isn’t it, because no-one has ever been able to get it to work. Small cooperatives are certainly part of the answer. But the only real answer that I can see is for us all to stop jostling for position – which (or so it would seem) requires a human nature transplant! I’d reckon on a good dowsing with the Holy Spirit, but I suspect most wouldn’t go for that…

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