All over, bar the shouting.

Well the 2015 election is almost at a close. My worst fears have been realised. Another five years of smug Conservative rule, detrimental to the NHS, the youth of Britain, and the lot of the ordinary working person. The Liberals have paid the price for accepting to be in coalition with the Tories. They have lost almost all their seats, and their leader has resigned. As a political force in this country, they have ceased to exist.

Labour have also been punished. They elected a leader who had no personality, no leadership skills, and failed to connect with anyone, even his own party’s most ardent supporters. Writing off the surge of nationalism in Scotland has all but wiped that party off the map there, and many of the highest placed and most experienced Labour members have lost their seats. The few gains they did make were not enough to leave them in credible opposition, which will now depend on reluctant alliances with former ‘enemies’, and still not muster enough votes to force any defeats.

Scotland has spoken. Despite not taking the opportunity for complete independence in the recent referendum, the Scottish people have voted overwhelmingly for nationalism, by returning all but three members as representatives of the Scottish National Party. This country is now divided politically, if not by physical borders. UKIP failed to capitalise on their supposed popularity. By concentrating on a single issue, immigration and fear of foreigners, they lost their way. Even their leader failed to win a place in parliament, and resigned accordingly.

Miliband has also resigned as Labour leader. This is a prime example of too little, too late. He should never have been there in the first place, and Labour deserve the ignominy of defeat for ever thinking he could win them an election. Socialism in any form is now almost non-existent in this country. The defeated parties will move further to the Right, in the hope of attracting support, and the voters seem to have already moved there. The much-lauded youth vote failed to make any difference whatsoever, despite some increases in turnout.

Not only has Cameron won, he has managed to force the resignation of the three leaders of the main opposition parties on the same day. No wonder he is looking very pleased with himself. He has a working majority, and no credible opposition to have to worry about.

I now have to continue to live in another Right-Wing European country, run by the men in suits, for the benefit of international financiers, multi-national companies, the rich, and the aristocracy. Is Cuba accepting migrants, I wonder?



  1. lividemerald2013

    Pete, I can’t claim any real knowledge of the political parties in the U.K., but I can see your disappointment in the outcome of the election, and, of course, I’m not happy that you’re not happy! I do wish that here in the States we had a viable alternative to the Republican and Democrat parties. I find your political position fascinating, and I suspect you have some very good reasons to support it. I have always been interested in politics, and have always defined myself as an Independent. I can see myself voting for a Democrat if the right person came along, but so far one hasn’t, so I tend to go with the lesser of two evils, or else vote for an Independent even when I don’t him from Adam. I never let politics get in the way of relationships. Au contraire. I find different points of view quite intriguing and therefore enjoy exploring a different political perspective. All I can say is, “Hold tight!” Time will pass. Hopefully, the Powers That Be will more to your taste in the future. Best Regards from Las Vegas, land of the retiring Harry Reid, a slick politician virtually no one in Nevada or anywhere else can stomach.


    • beetleypete

      Thanks for your thoughts David. It is interesting to see something of the politics in the US from someone who actually lives (and votes) there.
      I will continue this very interesting exchange via our personal e-mails as usual.
      Very best wishes, Pete.


    • beetleypete

      I can only hope that the Scots make life difficult for them. It will be interesting to see if we get the ‘promised’ referendum on leaving the EU in 2017 too.


      • GM

        Thank you for providing your interesting opinion about the election. After reading it, I thought it was definitely worth reblogging.


      • beetleypete

        Many years ago, I was a Communist. Then I went into the extreme left of the Labour Party, becoming a Union activist at the same time. Since then, this country has moved ever further to the Right after every election, and I now despair of politics in Britain. I keep complaining though!
        Thanks again. Pete.


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