Israel and Gaza: No Excuse

Watching recent events unfold in Gaza is becoming increasingly difficult as the Israeli assault continues. Yesterday’s resignation by a government minister here has brought the attitude of Cameron’s cabinet into the spotlight once more, as they continue to refuse to condemn the Israeli aggression. She said that she no longer wanted to be part of a government that was seen to support the Israeli point of view in this conflict, and called on the Prime Minister to take action against Israel, at least with words. Coming from a Conservative minister, with many years of experience in international relations, this was a bold move, and one that must serve to highlight the strong feelings forming against the state of Israel, for their continued attacks on the civilian targets.

John Kerry, and others, constantly repeat the same mantra; Israel has a right to defend itself from attack. By any means necessary presumably, including killing hundreds of innocent people, many of them children. As long as America continues to offer their unqualified support, Israel will go on, regardless of world opinion. The United Nations has had much to say on the matter. Their own staff have been affected, some killed. Their buildings and refuges have been destroyed, and no regard given to their humanitarian work. Yet another example of how pointless and ineffective this organisation has become, when their presence makes no difference whatsoever.

The argument of the right to defend their country against rocket attacks is laughable, were the results not so tragic. Nobody denies the presence of Palestinian militants, with a stated goal of the destruction of Israel. However, they are a minority of the population, and would not have the capability to mount an attack of any significance anyway. During the IRA campaign in mainland Britain, at no time did the government here embark on a major assault against Irish civilians in Dublin or elsewhere. They could have used the same lame excuse as the Israelis. The right to defend our country, by attacking the Irish in the hope of being able to kill the IRA terrorists at the same time. Even during the Falklands War, Britain did not choose to attack mainland Argentina, or bomb Buenos Aires, in ‘defence’ of the British islands in the South Atlantic.

The Israelis have stated that they have made phone calls and sent text messages, advising the local people to leave the area. This is little more than mockery, and is unforgivable. Where are these people supposed to go? The area is comparatively small, and densely populated. It is coastal on one side, and the land borders are sealed by the Israeli military. This ridiculous reasoning becomes even more obscene, when Israeli politicians declare on TV, that anyone ignoring the warning to leave the area does so because they are supporters of Hamas, or want to fight Israel’s army. How can this apply to small children, octogenarian farmers, and elderly women? One thing is certain. Palestinians who may not have supported Hamas and others will now begin to do so. The seeds being sown by Israel now, will come back as a harvest of bitterness and discontent.

For too long, Israel has used the example of the Holocaust, and subsequent attacks by Arab countries, as an excuse to become frighteningly similar to the Nazis who once persecuted them. Grabbing land, bulldozing communities out of existence, and stamping down ruthlessly on any dissent. Their government has moved further to the Right, and the religious zealots have achieved more influence. They have created ghettos inside their own country, and brushed off any concerns shown by the rest of the world, about the plight of the Palestinians. This latest outrage has shown them in their true colours. It has also disgraced the USA, for their total support of this regime. Jews outside Israel should be voicing their own outrage. It will be they who pay the price eventually, in countries a long way from Israel.


  1. lobotero

    Excellent piece my friend….time for the Palestinians to take it to the world stage…screw the US, UK and any other western country that refuses to be on the right side of humanity….chuq


  2. Brian Cushion

    Pete: I can’t add anything further to your summary. You have said it exactly how it is. Palestinians, young and old die or are maimed, the rest of the world does nothing. Brian


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