Bred for meanness

I wholeheartedly recommend this article from the late Joe Bageant. It is one of the best things written by an American since the work of John Steinbeck, in my opinion, and gives us a completely different viewpoint of the life of the white working classes in small-town America. I have not re-blogged, as it is a long piece. Here is a link however, and I urge you to give it your time.


You will not be disappointed, and like me, you will be educated. Compelling and disturbing, written with heart and genius.




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  3. beetleypete

    I had never heard the term Mutt People before, and I found the whole article incredibly well written, and very meaningful. Thanks for finding it, and posting it on your site. Regards, Pete.


  4. Prole Center

    Thanks, Pete. I was really moved by this piece as well. I just happened to come across it last night. I actually reposted it from “The Greanville Post” site where Mr. Bageant was once editor. I thought this would be really enlightening, especially to an international audience. I don’t often like to reveal personal details about myself online, but I also come from the tribe of the mutt people. I grew up in a small town not very far from where the author did.


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