Blatant advertising for a fellow blogger.

I have always campaigned against bloggers selling stuff. Lifestyles, SEO opportunities, Holidays and Travel ‘Experiences’, God, cults, strange diets, weird minerals and vitamins that sound lethal; even garden sheds, ladders, and pets. It is all out there.

However, writing is another story, (get it?) and to be encouraged. I follow a blog called ‘Vox Political’, written by the sharply-named Mike Sivier, which I always think sounds like a news presenter, or the star of an American cop show. He is a local politician from the West, and a staunch Labour supporter. I normally have little truck with Labour, at least since the reviled Kinnock dynasty, and possibly because I was ousted for being a member of Militant. However, Mike’s relentless barrage against the current coalition, backed up by salient facts, re-blogs, and obvious fervour, is always worth reading.

He has now complied his best blogs into a book. This is a real book, one you can hold, and is available for a tenner via his website. I won’t attempt to review it, as I haven’t read it. I don’t really need to, as I have religiously followed all of the blog posts it contains. But if you are against the Tories, the Coalition Government, Ian Duncan-Smith, Osborne, Cameron, and all their cronies, you will find much to enjoy, and educate, inside.

And if you know any Tory voters, get them a copy as a present, and hopefully make them feel embarrassed!

The cover is not great, but Mike is well aware of that small shortcoming. Here is the link.



  1. Fauziah Petra Court aka Aelfy Petra Nightentity on FB

    I found your blog through Vox Political,And I enjoy reading it too. Who cares if the cover is not so good, what is it they say about judging a book by it’s cover? lol 😛 Keep on blogging it gives myself and many others something to think about xx 😀


    • Fauziah Petra Court aka Aelfy Petra Nightentity on FB

      oopsy I should have re read that before I posted I like your blog as well as that of Vox Political and the bit about the cover is not about your blog but VPs. Methinks I do explain too much. xxx:D


      • beetleypete

        Thanks very much for your most welcome comments. I was only joking about Mike’s book jacket really. I also don’t judge books by their covers, but research shows that many others do! Regards from Norfolk, Pete.


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