The Democratic Process

I have never really seen the point of a democracy. Most people don’t vote anyway. Many that actually bother to drag themselves to the polling station, just vote for the same party every election, irrespective of changes in the leadership, or policies. Some are proud to say that they vote the same as their parents did, or quote issues that supposedly inspire their choice of candidate. Very few can actually name their MP, ( Yes I can. He is a Tory, worst luck.) and some cannot differentiate between National and Local elections.

When Thatcher was first brought to power, many women cited having a woman Prime Minister as their reason for voting Tory. When pressed, few could actually name the winner in their own constituency, and even whether or not that winner was actually from the Conservative Party. Most votes are purely motivated by self-interest. If someone wanted to buy their council house, they voted for the party that promised to let them do so. They gave no thought to the other policies that arrived on the coat tails of this promise.

The current system does not give us a government that the majority either want, or care about. Proposals to change to proportional representation will result in even greater confusion, and governments with tiny majorities, constantly doing deals with other parties, to avoid a collapse. Just when you think you have voted in one party, you find yourself governed by three others as well. It is all so pointless, so expensive, and so unnecessary.

My proposal is simple. Hand over power to those who actually have ideas and policies that are not driven by the needs of big business, international corporations, and the super rich. Get rid of the Landed Aristocracy, the Royal Family, and all those who prosper by privilege alone. Re-nationalise all industry, Railways, and Utilities, and take back all the parts of the NHS sold off to the private sector. Get out of the EU, cut all ties with NATO, and politely ask the USA to stop using our airfields, giving them a date to leave. Learn from the past, and begin to realise that there is no longer a British Empire.

If you need someone to implement all this, and who is ready and available to take control; I am not too busy at the moment.

Just don’t ask me to stand for election.


  1. rolandkemp

    Sunday Times rich list :
    There are a record 88 billionaires in the list – compared to 77 last year and just nine when the rich list started in 1989, and the Queen was placed top.

    Her then wealth of £5.2bn included the Crown Estates and the royal art collection but since 1993 the Queen has been valued only on personal worth for the purposes of the list.

    The combined wealth of the top 200 people in list is £318.2bn which is more than eight times the figure 25 years ago.


    • beetleypete

      Indeed Ro, the Queen is now struggling on her personal wealth of only £300,000,000. Hang on, ‘personal’ wealth? Oh yes, that will be the money left by her ancestors, who stole it all from ordinary people over the centuries. I was confused for a minute. And the top of the rich list? Russian ex-pats, avoiding taxes, and the Russian Mafia, by living in the UK. Makes me feel that it was all worthwhile, now we can give a comfy safe haven to Russian oligarchs. At least the Duke of Westminster is still in the top ten. Makes me proud to be British.


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